We received a call about a tragic suicide in Baltimore that needed our attention.

Maryland records 8.7 suicides per 100,000 people according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Nearly half of those deaths recorded are caused by a firearm. That’s exactly the type of circumstance we had on our hands. An older woman had shot herself in the head over the weekend on a rainy, gloomy day.

Her family was the ones who made the call to our office that Monday morning. She had shot herself on Friday and they discovered her the next day on Saturday. The family was explaining to us that she had suffered from Psychosis for years and had been living along for two years since her husband had passed away. She had been dealing with a lot of frustration and stress related to losing her husband and having to deal with the finances on her own now.

Advanced Bio Treatment is the crime scene company that covers the state of Maryland and no matter the situation or degree of suicide it is our duty to protect and disinfect the scenes promptly and professionally. Advanced Bio Treatment cares about not only your safety but everyone that is involved or will be in future purposes. Cleaning, disinfecting and disposing of biohazardous waste is our main concern no matter the circumstances it’s extremely important to call Advanced Bio Treatment.

We arrived on scene to find a bloody disaster in the victim’s master suite. She had taken a 12 gauge shotgun to the head with no regards to anyone else her actions might affect.  Suicide is unfortunate and so many people are negatively impacted, especially when the family is left with the horrible bourdon of not only finding their mother dead but the responsibility of having her death cleaned up.

There was a large amount of blood on the floor where her body was discovered and what appeared to be remains of her scalp. It was disgusting and you could still smell fresh blood and flesh. We had to carefully remove and dispose of her left remains first. Advanced Bio Treatment only follows strict guidelines when removing and disposing of biohazardous materials.

Next, we sanitized the area where the puddle of blood was accumulated. We sanitize and deodorize multiple times to ensure that there is no trace of blood or human bodily fluids left over in the home. Advanced Bio Treatment uses advanced equipment and professional trained individuals who care about the quality of work and the emotions of the family.

Call Advanced Bio Treatment today if you or someone you know needs a crime scene cleanup. We not only clean suicide and death cleans but we also specialize in hoarding scenes, infectious disease contamination and flood scenes. Call us today for a quote or if you can have questions regarding a crime scene cleanup.


Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment