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Our crew was called to Charleston, WV to clean up a suicide attempt. This one didn’t end in a fatality but the man nearly bled to death. He slit his wrists using shards of broken glass. Both wrists were cut and bled profusely. His wife found him lying just outside the bathroom where the attempt was made. She was quick to call 911 and fortunately, he did not die.

As you can see from the picture blood was all over the toilet seat, the floor, the sink, bathtub, and tile. About an hour into the job we were told that the man had just found out he had stage 4 lung cancer. Apparently, he hadn’t told his wife yet and somehow reasoned that it would be better to slit his wrists than face cancer.

In training, we learned that there are about 25 suicide attempts to every 1 suicide that ends in death. That means about 300,000 failed attempts in a year, approximately. The statistics are pretty grim to think just how many people contemplate suicide and will actually take action and attempt it.

A Suicide Is “Successful” Based On The Method

Gunshot suicides are usually the most likely to “succeed.” Another thing we learned is that women are more apt to have a failed suicide attempt than men.

The sad fact remains that a failed suicide attempt is a really good clue that the person will attempt it again and eventually is likely to succeed in their attempts.

In a failed suicide attempt there are a lot of additional issues the person will have to deal with in addition to what they are already dealing with. Now there will be hospital bills that have to be paid, family members that are distraught and seek answers from the person, and the future.

These bloody scenes are difficult to clean up but even a little worse when you think how different things might have been for the person if they had just made a different choice.

Advanced Bio-Treatment cleanup technicians face a lot of ugly situations but our job is a necessary one. Family members should never attempt to take on the job of cleaning up this type of scene. The emotional toll is just too much for the family members. Not only is the emotional toll hard to bear there is a lot of potential danger in blood cleanup. Body fluids and blood can contain harmful bacteria and pathogens that can be dangerous.

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