Suicide: A Tragic Means to an Untimely End

It’s not everyday that police have to chase down a suspect that holds himself up in an invaded motel room, but it happens more often than JSO officers would like.  To protect the privacy of families involved and any pending investigation, fictitious names are used in the following example of how our professional trauma scene cleanup specialists at Advanced Bio-Treatment have facilitated traumatic cleanup in Jacksonville, FL.

Mindy had done the unthinkable and was on the run when police surrounded her vehicle on an access road.  There was a warrant for her arrest for the murder of a woman in her neighborhood.  She had initiated a chase that only lasted a few miles before police successfully disabled her vehicle.  She and two other suspects fled the scene as the chase ensued on foot. Within a short period, it was discovered that Mindy had forced her way into a motel room at a local extended stay.  Police spent hours talking with Mindy through the closed motel door, but after a single gunshot was heard from inside the room, police raided the room to find that Mindy had ended her own life.

Professional Suicide Cleanup: A Biohazard Necessity

First responders advised the motel manger and owner to contact Advanced Bio-Treatment to address the blood cleanup and biohazard disposal services needed to physically recover from Mindy’s suicide.  This type of cleanup is a delicate matter considering the potential of infection disease and bacterial growth within human remains, so it is always recommended that professional help is sought in dealing with trauma scene cleanup, murder and homicide cleanup, and suicide recovery.  Any time human remains or blood is part of a cleanup, there are specific regulations and standards set by the government and specific industries, and you can depend on Advanced Bio Treatment to exceed every regulation and standard.  Advanced Bio Treatment holds the following certifications:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup Decontamination Certified by AMDECON
  • Code of Safe Practices—OSHA specialist tested
  • Odor Control certified by IICRC
  • HAZWOPER certified by Compliance Solutions
  • State Certification for Meth Lab Decontamination Lic # CML 0805-05
  • API Worksafe certified

Mindy’s suicide cleanup entailed the removal of blood and body tissue, including brain and bone fragments, embedded in the walls and flooring, the result of a gunshot wound through her mouth exiting the back of her skull.  Advanced Bio-Treatment technician’s used state of the art techniques to ensure complete removal of blood and any bacteria associated with the crime trauma scene cleanup, eliminating the biohazards associated with blood-borne pathogens.  Very specific and practiced precautions are taken to avoid exposure to and transmission of viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV, just to name a few. The dangers of contracting a disease, bacteria, or virus from body fluids are not limited to contact with blood; traces of semen, vaginal fluid, fluids around the brain and spinal cord called cerebrospinal fluid, fluids surrounding joint spaces, fluid around the lungs and heart, amniotic fluid, and mucous all potentially carry biohazards.  Technicians at Advanced Bio-Treatment have special equipment that not only ensures the complete removal and decontamination of all exposed areas, but they also have devices that offer visual indication of any remaining biohazardous material that would normally be invisible to the naked eye so that you can feel certain that your home, business, or property is free from the dangers related to the traumatic event.

Needless to say, it’s always the safest option to hire professionals well versed and well practiced in government and industry standards, including biohazard waste disposal guidelines for your death scene cleanup services and biohazard cleanup needs.  Advanced Bio-Treatment is there when tragedy strikes, and we’re honored to offer our compassionate, professionally trained technicians to help you recover.  Call us at 1-800-295-1684 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment