At Advanced Bio Treatment we always suggest that after the call to 911, after the police and coroner have left, that the family or loved ones of the deceased place their next call to us.

We have the expertise and equipment to completely restore and decontaminate any scene where a bio-hazard incident had occurred. Attempting to clean the aftermath of an accident, murder or unattended death can be extremely dangerous to one’s health, not to mention traumatic to behold. Often when a family tries to do the cleaning themselves they find that they are overwhelmed by all that must be done to make a home or business inhabitable again.

Recently we were called out to a residence in the wake of an accidental shooting that had taken the life of a young man. The home was located just outside of Tampa, in a quaint neighborhood full of young families.

Pulling up the driveway, you would’ve had no idea that something terrible had taken place within were it not for police vehicles still parked in front of the property. As we made our way over to a group of people standing just inside the garage, we were approached by officer who identified himself as the brother in law of the deceased.

He explained that his sister was extremely traumatized by what had occurred, and she had asked him to handle the cleanup… because of his law enforcement experience, he was aware that our company existed for just such an occasion, and he had placed the call to ABT for our outstanding blood removal services. After shaking his hand, and a brief description of what our remediation process entailed, he excused himself from the small crowd of family members and police, and led us into the home.

We were guided down a long hallway and up a set of stairs to a small room just adjacent to the master bedroom. As we stood staring down at a large pool of blood that had collected on the wood flooring, some spots still bright red and glistening, other areas had dried already to a dark, flaky crimson despite being only a short time since the accident.

Apparently, John Doe had made a fatal mistake while teaching gun safety, the officer recounted. The 36-year-old man had been showing his wife how his three handguns were safe when they weren’t loaded. He was attempting to demonstrate the safety of the handguns by holding them to his head and pulling the trigger.

Unfortunately, the man failed to make sure that there was not a round in the chamber and when he picked up the third gun and put it to his head, it discharged, and the man was feel to the floor. He was pronounced dead at the scene.Three children ages 7, 10, and 12 were in the home, but did not witness the shooting.

As with so many of these cases, the officer reported that his brother in law had been drinking most of the day before the incident took place, likely playing a significant role in the man’s untimely death.

It’s never advisable to attempt to clean up on your own after an accident or murder has occurred. In cases with drug overdose, there are dangers with the paraphernalia to consider. In cases like this one, the aftermath of a gunshot to the head can splatter brain matter and blood over a surprising wide area and serious health risks can result that require proper decontamination before resale or rehabilitation can take place. ABT is EPA and OSHA certified and will restore not only your property but also your life.

Using only hospital grade, EPA certified cleaners, we got started by removing any large pieces of brain or skull fragments then we had to lift up the wood flooring to scrub the sub flooring below until no trace of any bodily fluid remained could be picked up by our special lighting equipment.

Next, we carefully wrapped and disposed of the contaminated items, and set up our Ozone Machine to break down any left over odor at the molecular level.

Finally, we installed new wood floors throughout the room, painted the walls with a special, antimicrobial resistance paint, and then wiped down every surface in the small space, including the ceiling fan from which large blobs of flesh had clung to.

All told, the job took only two days, but I could tell that we had taken a huge burden off the family during that time. That’s what this job is all about. Helping communities move forward with a fresh start after something terrible has occurred. You are not alone in these situations, Advanced Bio Treatment is here to restore your property and your life.

If you need scene cleanup and decontamination guidance, have questions about your payment options, which clean up and decon procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our scene cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 800-295-1684

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment