Advanced Bio Treatment received a call to our local office in Tampa, Florida.

Tampa has a high statistic of property crime which ties into what occurred to this family living in the area.


The caller was the husband of the victim who was brutally murdered in her own home during an attempted robbery. It was unfortunate to learn about these heinous events.


The husband explained to us how they had just put their children to bed when the couple kept hearing loud noises downstairs in the kitchen area. The husband didn’t think twice about a possible robbery since they lived in a fairly decent area. He mentioned how the wife decided to go and investigate and when the husband heard her screaming he rushed to her side but the robber had already fled the scene.

Apparently the man attempting to rob the innocent family was after the usual money, jewelry and expensive items. The wife was not only stabbed multiple times in her struggle but he shot her in the head before he exited the home. The husband explained that he had never seen so much blood in his life. He immediately called 911 but it was too late, the women had passed in such an unfortunate and unexpected way.

The family is having to cope with a great amount of stress of course after such terrible circumstances. The husband called us right away and we made sure to arrive the next day. Once we arrived on scene we met with the husband outside. He was upset clearly and we told him that we respect his privacy and home and we will do our very best to bring not only sanity back this crazy situation but get the home back to it’s original form.

He lead us to where the events took place and just as he described on the phone the amount of blood was insane. It was puddles and splatters all over the white tiled floor and white cabinets. Their entire kitchen was white yet covered in red blood splatter. It was terrible to see and we were ready to clean that frightful mess up.


We brought with us our protective gear and medical grade disinfectants. It took over ten hours to completely clean and sanitize the entire kitchen from top to bottom.

It’s always important to call a professional company when dealing with human fluids or blood. If not properly cleaned up even the smallest amount of blood left over can pose for serious health risks years down the road.


Once we completed our rigorous job the kitchen looked good as new. There was no trace of blood or a horrific murder. This part of our job gives us a lot of pride knowing we can bring some amount of peace to families dealing with unfavorable circumstances.

Advanced Bio Treatment understands the frustration and emotions involved in unexpected deaths. We also understand that you may feel confused and unsure of what this process is but we can assure you that we will help in any way we can. We helped this family arrange the funeral and manage the financial aspect with the home owners insurance company.

Please call us at ABT 24/7  if you or someone you knows needs guidance with a crime scene cleanup or just has questions. We stay open all the time and we never rest knowing that an emergency can strike at any time.



Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment