Woman Held at Gunpoint in Nashville

Being a crime scene cleanup professional we never have the same kind of day, which is good if you are one that can’t stand monotony. No clock watching waiting for the five o’clock commute home here. We can be called upon 24/7 for a job.

Grant ya, there are times when that is pretty dang inconvenient and the wife gets upset about it quite a bit, until payday that is. I have to say this job is steady and there is no problem finding work.

This particular job I got called out in some icy weather so I bundled up underneath my hazmat suit, mask and gloves.

My job was to totally clean and restore, rework, disinfect and, whatever else it took, to get this car back to its original state. The car was in good shape other than the damage to the interior.

The Owner Was Abducted At Gunpoint After Coming Out Of Walmart

The assailant held a gun to her head and forced her to drive him to the state line where he then shot her, left her for dead and took off.

We don’t know for sure all the details but guessing by what the police said and the other hints that he had someone waiting for him to pick him up at the state line.

The car was dusted for fingerprints which is always fun because of the interesting places you find prints! We had to totally strip down the car all over as well as vacuum up as much loose fingerprint dust as possible.  The very best bet for this car was to totally replace the upholstery and the carpet.

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