The joys of marriage are many and when two people come together in love it can be a wonderful thing. Until things go south… in a bad way.

I got the call on a Monday morning. The person on the phone identified themselves as a friend of the family in need of our services. Particularly, our blood removal procedures.

The drive out to the Baltimore, Maryland neighborhood took us through beautiful middle class communities, with meticulously manicured lawns and carefully tended dogwood trees in full bloom. No one would guess that just a few blocks away a terrible murder had been committed.

Once we arrived at the address listed on the work order, we got our first look at the charming ranch style home.

The picturesque facade, with even rows of marigolds and daisies bordering the walkway up to the front porch, gave no indication of the horror that awaited us inside.

The client, or rather the friend of the homeowner, greeted us from the opened garage and motioned for us to follow him into the home. Once inside, he quickly began to give a more in depth explanation for having reached out to ABT for help.

According to family confidant, the couple who had lived in the home had a rather tumultuous relationship and often seemed to pick fights with each other over the most trivial things. Friends and family had always assumed that the two long term lovers just preferred a more passionate style of foreplay and had actually joked about it on more than one occasion. But things had taken a sinister turn a few days prior, switching from foreplay to foul play.

Apparently, the Mrs. was an especially jealous mate, going so far as to follow her husband in her car when he left for work in the mornings to make sure that he wasn’t running off to have a steamy fling at some seedy motel. So the morning that she unexpectedly returned home from work to collect a business document for a client, she was surprised to find that her husband had also returned home.

Carefully and as quiet as a mouse, she stalked into the residence and heard the unmistakable sound of two people engaged in coitus coming from the master bedroom’s bath. Grabbing a heavy cast iron skillet from the kitchen, she crept down the hallway as the rage inside her built to an insurmountable level. Bursting into the bathroom, she began wildly swinging the frying pan indiscriminately just hoping to connect with the people she believed to be inside.

In the chaos, she didn’t realize that her husband wasn’t actually fornicating with another woman, but was really masturbating to a cell phone video that the two lovebirds had created months earlier.

By the time her rage was spent, her husband lay in a crumpled ball inside the bathtub where he had fallen in an effort to escape the punishing blows, his skull totally crushed from the force.

Blood was every where

In fact, there was so much blood pouring out from his head wounds, that in her panicked state of mind she put the pan she had just used to kill her husband down on the floor to collect the blood before she gave up under the torrential volume and simply pushed him further into the bath.

Then she left the home, still covered in blood, and went next door to where our caller lived to tell him what she had just done and to wait for the police to arrive. As law enforcement began to show up to the home, she quietly slipped out the back door and made her way into the stand of trees behind the homes where she produced a .9mm handgun from her pocket and then put one bullet between her own eyes.

The scene took no time at all to cleanup since it had taken place inside a bathroom, and then mostly inside the shower, but nevertheless, we were methodical about checking and rechecking to be sure we had completely erased any evidence of anything to indicate that a murder had taken place.

The couple fortunately did not had any children, enough people had been hurt during it all that this one detail provided a momentary sense of relief, so the home was going to be put back on the market for resale. From what we were told, the remaining family members of John Doe had decided amongst themselves that the proceeds from the sale of the home, after the cost of John’s interment, would be donated in his name to help the victims, and their families, of domestic violence begin a new life. I couldn’t think of a better way to honor their loved one’s life.

You don’t want to try and attempt to clean up a crime scene or accident scene. Blood and other bodily fluids can contain dangerous pathogens which pose a significant risk to human health. Our scene clean up technicians will decontaminate and remove any blood, tissue or bodily fluids a crime and trauma scene has left behind. Advanced Bio Treatment is a professional scene cleaning company.

Regardless of whether the scene is at your home and personal property, a commercial business, or industrial site, we’ll strictly adhere to OSHA regulations and API Work safe guidelines in our cleanup efforts. We only deploy EPA registered hospital grade cleansers and disinfectants.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment