We received a terrifying call to our office located in Jacksonville, FL.

The caller was explaining to us that he owned various properties and land all throughout Florida but what he discovered at his beach home in Jacksonville was quite chilling.

The caller began explaining to us the situation more in depth and mentioned that he had recently rented out his beach home to an older married couple. Everything seemed to be going well until he didn’t receive rent for two months and neither he nor the property manager could get in contact with the new renters. That’s when he went to investigate.

When he arrived at the home the very first thing he noticed was that the home hadn’t been kept up with. The yard was not cut, the trash wasn’t taken out. The owner immediately thought the worst outcome imaginable. Discovering an unattended death can not only be traumatic but also very disturbing.

He found the couple both dead and decomposing in the home. He rushed out and called 911 of course. Once the police completed their investigation and the coroner removed the remains of the two bodies; Advanced Bio Treatment steps in. We do the dirty work no one else does. We clean up the aftermath of violent and horrific scenes just like this one.

We met up with the owner of the beach home at the residence the same day. When we arrived on scene we knew we had a big job ahead of us. We made our way into the home and we were quite nervous as to what was to be discovered.


The very first thing that made impact was the horrendous odor.

It literally burned our eyes and nose hair. It smelled horrible and like rotting bodies, because that’s what it was. Decomposing human flesh and remains have a distinct and disgusting smell.

Once we made our way into the home to where to bodies were discovered we saw the worst of it. The wallpaper had literally started peeling off the walls and there were so many flies in the home, it was a very disgusting and gruesome scene to witness to say the least.

Advanced Treatment only uses high grade professional cleaners and we dispose of hazardous waste regulated by strict guidelines. Once we disposed of the human remains and flesh we were able to sanitize and deodorize the home from top to bottom. A lot of items including chairs, curtains and rugs were not salvageable and had to be permanently disposed of.


ABT understands the huge emotional toll such tragedies can leave on families of the victims and the owners of the properties. We take all of that into consideration before arriving to a job scene.

ABT is a professional and reputable crime scene cleanup company. We take each job just as serious as the next regardless of the circumstances. Please call us if you need an unattended death cleanup, violent crime or even suicides. We do it all. We operate 365 days of the year 24/7.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment