Jane and John Started a Regular “Date Night”

Jane and John Doe, ages 31 and 33 respectively, recently reconciled from a trial separation. The couple had experienced a rough six months as John lost his 3rd shift supervisor position at an Atlanta industrial warehouse. Jane was a stay at home mom to a precious little girl, who just turned one year.

During the separation John had made a “new friend” who had asked him to move into her apartment. Jane was upset by the move when she learned about the friend and was threatening divorce when John started to regret his careless decision and asked if he could move back home.

All of this was a bit much for his new friend, 27 year old Charlene, who had been quite happy to have John move in. She didn’t charge rent and he had basically been living off of her for the entirety of the separation from Jane.

As the sorry saga of Jane, John and Charlene continued, Jane and John returned back to their normal routine home life. John started a new job with daytime hours. Jane had been seeing a therapist who highly recommended the couple set aside time for just the two of them. Charlene never quite got over the abrupt manner in which John left her and began to text him and call him on his cell phone.

Regular “Date Night” Ends in Tragedy

This particular date they decided to have a movie night at home with champagne to celebrate their reconciliation and the progress they had made. Jane’s mother kept the baby overnight.

John had developed a taste for pornagraphy during his stay with Charlene. Although Jane was hurt to learn of this in addition to everything else she was determined to do whatever it took to save their marriage.

She agreed to watch porn with John and actually do some role play. They drank champagne, laughed and progressed into a night of experimenting.

About 1:00 a.m. their front door bell rang. John wrapped himself in a towel and went to answer the door. Drunk and sleepy he opened the door without having asked who it was.

The Next Ten Minutes Changed the Story of Jane, John and Charlene Forever

Charlene had been trying to text and call John all night and he of course had not responded. Charlene stormed in the door, shot John in the head, apparently then proceeded to shoot Jane next. A trail of blood across the carpet indicated she had dragged John’s body across the floor in front of the entertainment center next to Jane, where she then shot herself as well.

This Is One Of Many Crime Scenes We Cleanup

We will never know all of the details of this bloody scene, we can fill in the blanks here and there. Unfortunately, John, Jane and Charlene’s story is not that uncommon as the murder/suicide rate continues to climb in the United States.

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