Trauma Cleanup: Driver’s Seat Emergency Leads to Early Miracle

Trauma Cleanup: Some of the most miraculous moments in life happen when we least expect them. The birth of Angela’s second child earlier this year is a testament to these unexpected experiences. It was three weeks before her due date, to the day, and she along with all of her sisters, aunts, and even her mother had pregnancies past term. So needless to say, Angela was confident she had at least three weeks, and probably more, to go before she would meet her son for the first time.

I was on my way to my mother-in-law’s house; she was throwing my baby shower, for her first baby grandson, that morning at 11:00. I was trying to get there early since I was the guest-of-honor and all, but I was running late. There’s never traffic on Saturday, never, so I was feeling really nervous when the two lane road I was on stopped moving.

A tree had fallen, blocking both lanes over a mile ahead of where Angela was when she began having contractions. Angela remembers most of what happened very clearly all the way to the birth of her precious little boy, but she admits that she didn’t have a clue what giving birth in a car would entail, not to mention that it was her mother-in-law’s car loaned to her while Angela’s was in the shop.

A man behind me was laying on his horn, so I stepped out of the car to wave my arms at him hoping he would come to his senses seeing none of us were going anywhere, and that’s when my water broke and things started happening very quickly.

Angela sat back down in the driver’s seat and grimaced in pain. Twenty minutes later, she was completely unaware of when the cars in front of her started moving which resulted in the man behind her jumping out of his car and beating on her window.

It didn’t take a second look for him to figure out there was no way I was driving, and then I saw him flagging down oncoming traffic. People actually stopped, and to my luck one of those people was a nurse.

Trauma Cleanup Post Birth

Angela gave birth to her 7 pound, 5 ounce little boy in her mother-in-law’s sedan just before the ambulance arrived. As most of us know, giving birth is hardly a job free from mess, and Angela’s mother-in-law’s car was “quite a sight” as Angela remembers.

There was so much blood. They hide a lot of that from you in the hospital, I guess, but this time around I got to see it all and it was all over the front seat and backseat of the car. It was so much that it actually pooled on the floorboard of the front driver’s seat all the way to the back floorboard. We had no towels and no way to contain any of the fluid or tissue, not even the placenta.

Emergency Decontamination Services Please!

Angela’s husband called Advanced Bio Treatment for help in recovering his mother’s car after ensuring that his wife and new baby were healthy and happy. Our trauma scene technicians worked quickly and aggressively to thoroughly clean and decontaminate the entire vehicle interior. The amount of blood and body fluid released during a birth necessitates decontamination services and human waste removal in order to ensure infectious disease prevention and control. This is no easy undertaking, much like giving birth in the seat of a car, but the mom-in-law will happily attest:

I love telling people that my baby grandson was born in this car. They don’t believe me. I tell them, ‘go ahead and look under the seats, you won’t find nuthin’!’ and my car still smells new, even better than a newborn baby, but I would like it on the record that I had my son two weeks early and my daughter was early, too. Angela didn’t think to check on the other side of the family!

-she laughs.

If you find yourself in need of a blood cleanup, trauma scene cleaning or emergency decontamination service, call Advanced Bio Treatment 24-hours a day at 1-800-295-1684. Our specialized, compassionate staff will provide you with a confidential consultation and immediate, professional service so that you can move forward and get back to what’s important.


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