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Trauma Cleanup – Many people choose big dogs as pets for home protection in addition to companionship, but how often does having a big, protective, territorial dog make a difference in a family’s vulnerability? Pamela and Daniel will never know what might have been thanks to their loyal family pet, a German shepherd named Lola.

Pamela and Daniel have very routine, predictable schedules and had just departed their home on the morning before a pair of intruders broke into their home. This day was different however, as the couple would not return home for several days while on a short vacation and planned to return Sunday evening. Lola was in charge and had been set up with a timed feeder and a doggy door to go in and outside as she liked throughout the weekend. Unfortunately, for all parties involved, the doggy door would serve another purpose this particular morning.

Pamela and Dan returned home on Sunday evening to a grizzly scene:

We got as far as the opening the kitchen door. There was a massive amount of blood and an unfathomable stench. Lola, our German shepherd, wasn’t even recognizable. She was completely soaked to the point of dripping blood. The only thing that was immediately clear was that all the blood couldn’t possibly be from her.

It wasn’t apparent at all to the couple what had occurred, but they immediately dialed 911 for help. After the police arrived and assessed the scene, Pamela and Dan were mortified to learn not only had their home been broken into, but the home intruder was dead inside their home, fatally wounded by Lola.

Emergency Crime Scene Cleanup

As the pieces came together, Daniel and Pamela learned that two men had entered their home through the doggy door and Lola did what loyal, protective dogs do; she attacked them. One of the intruders was able to retreat back out of the doggy door and fled into the woods behind the home, to later be found dead with fatal injuries. The other intruder was attacked and killed by Lola, but not without consequence. Lola had also suffered injuries from a gunshot wound to her left hind leg, but fortunately she was rushed to a local veterinarian ER and survived.

One of the intruders was able to retreat back out of the doggy door and fled into the wooded area behind the home. The other intruder was attacked and killed by Lola. The intruder’s body had already begun decomposing with bodily fluid and tissue scattered from the struggle, resulting in disembowelment and decomposing organ exposure throughout large areas of the home.

Home Decontamination Services

After the investigation, the first responders quickly put Daniel in touch with Advanced Bio Treatment so that he and his wife could begin the recovery process and regain their lives. Due to the time between the death of the intruder and the discovery of his body, Pamela and Dan’s home required a number of professional services including death cleanup services, blood cleanup, bodily fluid cleanup and emergency decontamination services. When flesh decomposes, a number of dangerous and even life-threatening issues arise including airborne bacteria. As a result, carefully following IICRC biohazard waste disposal guidelines and EPA approved blood clean up procedures is a crucial process.

Dan can attest to the thoroughness of Advanced Bio Treatment’s blood cleanup service:

I didn’t expect to get our home back the way we left it that Thursday morning.  Advanced Bio Treatment did an amazing job,  they explained everything and worked diligently to recover our home. We got our home back to normal and felt certain of its overall sanitization and remediation.

In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in need of:

  • crime scene cleanup
  • blood cleanup service
  • unattended death scene cleanup
  • emergency decontamination service

Call Advanced Bio Treatment 24-hours a day at 1-800-295-1684. Our certified, compassionate staff will provide you with a confidential consultation and immediate, professional service. You can count on Advanced Bio Treatment to be Your Professionals in Time of Need.

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