Another Veteran Falls Alone

He decided he had enough, folded up his flag, and ended it right there in his swing.

John D. was a retired military vet who was dishonorably discharged after 19 years of service for being 2 lbs overweight. John D. was suffering from PTSD from numerous deployments; Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan. After 19 years the military just dumped him as useless trash even though he had many medical issues that needed attended to.

With his discharge came no benefits so John D. could no longer afford his medical care. He received ARCOM’s and AAM awards, put his life on the line and got nothing in return. He was having such a hard time in life he decided to just end it all. His family was scarce and spread apart, he was mostly alone, so must have felt there was no one to live for.

Well I wish I could tell him he lived for me and I appreciated what he did for this country. I wish the military did the same and all the other people he came in contact with.

What a way to go John D., 9mm straight to the dome. Bam! …Gone.

What A Sad World We Live In

If I can make a difference in what I have to say then I say to all Americans: Support Our Troops, new and old! Stop the excessive veteran hospital waits and stop ignoring our soldier’s issues! Too many soldiers fall victim to suicide because they are not receiving the care they need. 

As a representative of Advanced Bio-Treatment, I reach out to anyone who needs our assistance. If you are the unlucky one who walks into this type of scene, DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING ALONE. Call the professionals at ABT, we are here to help and will assist you all the way. We understand a scene like this is traumatizing and want to save you the hardship.

Advanced Bio Treatment offers Suicide Support Resources with Suicide Clean Up Services  guidance or advice. Additionally if you have questions about payment options, clean up procedures from your homeowners policy or need suicide cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 800-295-1684 or our 24/7 HOTLINE below.


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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment