We received a call about an unusual situation. A school bus driver in the Virginia Beach area called us in regards to a murder scene they happened to witness.

The school bus driver obviously was trained and educated to deal with these types of situations, which is great since no one else was around other than children at that particular moment.

The bus driver was making his usual stops when he pulled up to his last one. Since it’s his last stop he gets out ensuring the child makes it home safely. The bus driver started to hear shots inside the little boy’s home and started panicking and demanding the little boy to walk back over to him.

The bus driver knew that couldn’t have been an accident and called for assistance immediately and kept the boy safe and sound until Police arrived. Once the police arrived they discovered that a murder had taken place inside the home. Without the bus driver responding so quickly the little boy could have been harmed or the person committing the murder could’ve escaped without punishment.

There are a lot of non-traditional first responders you might not actually know about or would have thought they were trained in that aspect. The bus driver was trained and acted bravely in that situation. The bus driver even knew to call us right after he called Law Enforcement.

Advanced Bio Treatment was surprisingly shocked yet pleased when we received the call because this lets us know that more people are learning about crime scene cleanup services and about our company which makes us feel appreciated.

When the bus driver called in he mentioned to us that he had read about our company on the internet the previous day which was a huge relief to us. We told him that our mission is to spread knowledge of the importance of crime scene cleanup services and that we are so glad he called us for that job.

Advanced Bio Treatment operates professionally and respectfully. We understand that murders, suicides and accidents occur at any given time. We take emotional situations to heart and take the frustrations and stress into consideration when cleaning up a tragedy. Our company works 365 days of the year, even on Holidays. We are here to take your 24/7 and will gladly arrive in three hours to an emergency.


Please call us today with any questions you may have or if you’re a First Responder needing guidance. We are here to help.


Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment