At its simplest, an “unattended death” is one where someone dies and is not found for an extended period of time; this can mean days, or even weeks or months. You may hear about these kinds of deaths in the news, which may happen when someone lives alone and doesn’t have someone regularly checking up on him or her. But it can also happen with someone who does have others checking in, such as someone with relatives who live a distance away but call often. It may take several unanswered calls before a loved one reaches out for assistance.

Eventually, the unattended death is discovered and an investigation takes place. This can be quite emotional, even traumatic, all by itself—and then the death cleanup must be promptly addressed. Here’s why.

Whether it’s a suicide cleanup, a homicide cleanup, or another form of death cleanup, the human body naturally decomposes. During this process, bacteria is released from the intestinal tract, and the body bloats and decays. Biohazards that can be extremely hazardous are released into the air and are contained in blood and leaking bodily fluids. In addition, even a small amount of this biological material can cause damage to furnishings and structures in the home within the first few hours after the death.

Biohazardous material can create an unsafe living environment for people now and, if not properly cleaned and restored, well into the future. Three examples of biohazards include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV—and the list is actually much longer than that.

Unattended Death Cleanup Services

Properly cleaning the site of an unattended death, also called bioremediation, is crucial. This involves the actual cleaning of the site, along with disinfecting and deodorizing, and should take place as soon as possible once the body is removed from the site.

Unfortunately, the responsibility for death cleanup typically rests on friends and family, who may be facing cleanup from the death itself as well as cleaning anything that investigators may have left behind. In some cases, homeowners insurance policies cover the costs; when you choose an after-death cleaning services company, it makes sense to pick one that will help you with your insurance claim. No cleaning company can guarantee payment, but it can help you with the paperwork and communicate with insurance adjusters.

Benefits of Choosing Advanced Bio-Treatment

We specialize in unattended death cleanup scenes, including suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, accidental death cleanup and more. We have the proper:

  • equipment
  • specialized disinfectant cleaners
  • advanced training

Because we recognize how challenging this situation likely is for you, our technicians show up promptly and on time, and then quickly and thoroughly clean, disinfect and deodorize the site. We focus on providing the utmost in care and compassion to friends and family, and help with insurance claims.
If you need unattended death cleanup services, you can contact us online. If you need immediate help, live operators are available 24/7 at 800-295-1684.

Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment