Every time we go to a job, it’s a different situation – even though the reasons for murder and suicide are often the same.

Usually someone has some combination of emotions like depression, jealousy, drunkenness, or rage. But it seems like no matter how many murder or suicide scenes we clean up, someone will always commit another such act under a new and strange set of circumstances.

This was one of those jobs. A young girl had just broken up with her high school sweetheart because he became “too serious” and was not enough fun for her. “James” was emotionally devastated, and couldn’t accept that his relationship with “Amanda” was over. He called and texted his sweetheart over and over, saying that they were “meant to be together” and that he couldn’t go on without her.

One afternoon, a distressed James came over to Amanda’s house on the way home from school. James said he only wanted to talk – “as friends.” Amanda’s mother wasn’t home, and Amanda let James inside, not realizing how upset he was. James did intend to talk – but he didn’t intend to leave without patching up the relationship. Just in case, his backup plan was with him in his backpack. Yes, this encounter went south in a hurry.


Large caliber handguns can make quite a mess. Whether it’s an accident, murder, or suicide, the cleanup is a big job when they’re involved. Only shotguns seem to make more of a mess.


In Amanda’s pink-colored room, the two young ex-lovers chatted. James sat on the bed and put his backpack on the floor in front of him. Amanda told James that she had a new boyfriend, and that it might be kind of fun if James would date her friend instead. They could, of course, be friends – but not lovers any more.

That was all James could take. He took his dad’s .45 out of the backpack. For a second, Amanda thought he would kill her. Instead, he cocked the hammer and with one deafening blast, shot upward through his head from under the chin. Hysterical and splattered with blood, Amanda called 911.

Eventually we were called to clean up the blood and tissue, which was splattered on the walls, ceiling, door, floor, and especially the bed. Of course, Amanda’s mother didn’t anticipate dealing with this kind of mess! But we were referred and our experienced techs took care of it quickly once they arrived on scene.

Suicide or murder by gun is always messy and emotionally disturbing. These things DO happen. Our professionals will handle the cleanup so that no trace of blood or odor is left at the scene. It’ll be safe and sanitary when we’re done.

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Ted Pelot Owner & President of Crime Scene Cleanup Company - Advanced Bio-Treatment