How Do I Safely Clean Up Blood?

When you are suddenly faced with a traumatic event involving violence or death, after the investigators or law enforcement have completed their work you are likely to be left with blood and other bodily fluid that must be safely cleaned. If it’s your home or business, it’s important to take the proper steps, closing off or isolating the contaminated area until it can be restored to a safe condition to prevent the potential harm that can be caused by bloodborne pathogens.

There are significant risks involved in blood clean up, including:

  1. The presence of bacteria: Blood and other body fluids may have a number of bloodborne pathogens and bacteria that can’t be seen by the naked eye. These pathogens include communicable diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, MRSA, and others.
  2. Lacking proper equipment: If the blood spot in your area is small enough to be cleaned by yourself, see the information below. A large area covered with blood, however, requires professional help. At Advanced Bio Treatment, our technicians have state-of-the-art equipment, proprietary chemicals to completely disinfect the area, and the experience to identify all areas in the environment that may be contaminated.
  3. Properly assessing the infected area: Few untrained people are able to fully assess the extent of risk. Sometimes, blood can soak up into the carpet and upholstered furniture, and even into floorboards and framing.

Tips for how to clean up blood spills safely:

  1. Safety first: Before you begin to clean the blood, always assume the blood carries the risk of dangerous diseases. Always be wary about the potential dangers while attempting any biohazard remediation.
  2. Use the right safety devices: Safety kits can be a lifesaver while cleaning body fluids. Basic cleaning kits includes materials such as disposable gloves, disinfecting towelettes, biohazard bags with a zip tie, scoop, protective cap, eye protection, protective gown, and mask.
  3. Use manufacturer-approved chemicals: While cleaning blood from surfaces like carpets, you should use chemicals that won’t cause damage to the fibers of the carpet. At the same time, the chemicals must also be effective in disinfecting the bloodborne pathogens.
  4. Use proper disposal methods: Everything you wear to clean up blood should be placed into a plastic bag, which should be tightly sealed and labeled as a biohazard. Consult with your county health officials for instructions on how to safely dispose of the bag.

Things You Need To Keep In Mind

Blood spills, unattended deaths, biohazard cleanup, and other types of cleanup involving body tissue or fluids happen without warning. One should always be prepared to take quick action when faced with such situations.

For the greatest peace of mind, contact a biohazard cleaning service such as Advanced Bio-Treatment to return your home, business or other property to a condition that’s safe for occupants. Biohazard cleanup companies have professionals trained under OSHA regulations and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to properly and safely clean up blood. Contact Advanced Bio Treatment at 800-295-1685 any time of day or night—our live operators are always ready to take your call and send a compassionate, experienced team to help.

Blood Cleanup Services: Disinfection vs. Cleaning

If your home or business has been the scene of a crime, death, or accident that has left behind blood and/or other bodily fluids, you may be in a rush to simply wipe away the visible signs that the event took place. The health threats that these fluids pose are probably not among your first thoughts in the wake of such a traumatic experience, but as professional providers of blood cleanup services, we urge you to take time to understand the dangers that may be present. Merely cleaning up with normal household methods and products is not enough: To make the scene safe again for occupants, thorough disinfection and decontamination is imperative.

Here’s what you need to know about why it’s so important to take extensive measures when cleaning up blood and how Advanced Bio Treatment’s expert blood cleanup team can help.

Why professional blood clean up services are important.

There’s one reason to call an experienced blood cleanup company that stands above all others: Bodily fluids and blood can harbor lethal viruses, such as Hepatitis C and HIV. Because it’s impossible to identify what types of hazardous pathogens may be in blood or bodily fluids found at the scene, every precaution must be taken with the assumption that pathogens are present. Simple cleaning of visible blood, such as using household bleach and paper towels, is not enough to ensure that every trace of biohazards is being removed. According to the National Institutes of Health, pathogens can survive for months and remain a source of transmission if the area isn’t properly disinfected.

Our professional blood cleanup teams have extensive training in disinfecting a property where blood is present. Proper blood cleanup requires a wide range of skills and knowledge, including the ability to closely inspect the scene, accurately assess the hazards, use protective equipment, safely remove and dispose of waste, and much more. Advanced Bio Treatment technicians have this training and experience, and will ensure that your home or business is completely disinfected using EPA-rated disinfectants, and specialized equipment and methods.

Another important reason to leave blood cleanup to professionals is your peace of mind. It’s not only a very unpleasant physical task, but when it involves the death of someone you know or care about, or when an act of violence has taken place, cleaning up the scene can add a great deal of emotional stress to an already traumatic experience. Our blood cleanup technicians who are not only experts at their jobs, but who also use the utmost discretion and sensitivity in helping every Advanced Bio Treatment customer.

If there is blood at your home or business due to the commitment of a crime, another aspect of professional cleanup comes into play. A crime scene should not be disturbed until investigators have completed their work and given official notice that they’ve done so. Our crime scene cleanup team will coordinate with investigative agencies and ensure the crime scene can be entered and cleaned before beginning our work. In addition, if law enforcement has been involved, there may also be fingerprint dust, tear gas, or other materials left behind. These may also pose a threat to the health of the property’s occupants and must be thoroughly removed to return the scene to a safe condition.

Keep in mind that emergency responders, the police department, the fire department or other authorities do not perform any cleanup. The burden of cleaning up blood is entirely on the owner of the property.

Advanced Bio Treatment’s blood cleanup services.

While our blood cleanup technicians work quickly and efficiently, the length of time required to clean up depends upon a range of factors. In cases where the blood is limited to a very small area—and very little time has passed between the occurrence of the event and the arrival of a cleanup team—our cleanup process can be completed in a matter of hours. There are other circumstances, however, that may require multiple days of cleaning, such as the discovery of an unattended death. In this case, blood and bodily fluids may have had time to contaminate a large area, carrying airborne and bloodborne pathogens to flooring, furnishings, and walls. This situation may require the removal of a large number of items and materials. Advanced Bio Treatment technicians know where to locate hidden contamination and how to safely dispose of affected materials.

If you are faced with cleaning up blood, we urge you not to attempt the cleanup yourself. We’re here to keep you and your loved ones safe from the dangers of blood cleanup, and our live operators are standing by 24/7/365 to take your call. Please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call 800-295-1684 now.

What to Know When Choosing a Death Cleanup Company

When a death has occurred at your home or business, dealing with the emotional and mental stress can be overwhelming. Once the event is over, however, you’ll have to turn your attention to cleaning up the scene. It may be tempting to attempt the cleanup on your own, but this is a task that must be left to skilled professionals. If you’re searching for a death cleanup company, it’s important to understand what they do and why certain qualifications are a must. Here are questions to ask when choosing a trauma or crime scene cleanup company

Questions to ask when hiring a death scene cleanup company.

How long has your company been in business?

Restoring a home, business or other property where a death, trauma or violence has occurred to a condition that’s safe for re-occupancy requires a great deal of experience that can only be gained after years of being in the cleanup business. Ask the companies you’re speaking with how many years they have provided death cleanup services and how many clients they have served.

What type of certifications do you have?

There are several certifications related to death scene cleanup services, which may include biohazard cleanup and blood cleanup. There are also state and federal regulations that govern death cleanup services. Proper certification matters, because bloodborne and airborne biohazards can pose a serious threat to the health of those who come into contact with them. Bodily tissues, blood, and other bodily fluids can carry the risk of infectious disease, including MRSA, Hepatitis B and C, HIV, and more.

At Advanced Bio Treatment, we strictly follow EPA and OSHA guidelines for the safe handling and disposal of biohazards. We also have the following certifications:

  • API Worksafe certified
  • Crime Scene Cleanup Decontamination certification from AMDECON
  • State Certification for Meth Lab Decontamination License #CML 0805-05
  • Odor control certified by IICRC
  • Code of Safe Practices – OSHA specialist tested

Does your company specialize in after death cleaning services?

When searching online for “death cleanup companies,” some of the first results you’ll see include some companies that are better known for cleaning up fire, storm and water damage. These companies may offer crime scene, biohazard, or death cleanup only as a sideline to their main services. While they may be properly certified, it’s important to ask potential service providers if their focus is mainly on the service that you need.

Keep in mind, too, that more than one service may be needed at a death scene. At Advanced Bio Treatment, we also offer services focused on homicide, infectious disease, suicide, accident and trauma, and hoarding cleanup.

What do your technicians do to protect your clients’ privacy?

The companies you’re considering should be able to assure you that your privacy will be respected. The circumstances surrounding the need for death cleanup services are nearly always highly personal matters that clients prefer to keep among themselves. While the presence of law enforcement or other professionals cannot be kept private, the ensuing cleanup should be managed as discreetly as possible. This may be especially important to you if you have a specific need for suicide cleanup services or have discovered the unattended death of a loved one. The team of technicians a death scene cleanup company sends to help you should be respectful of your time, property and privacy.

The trained technicians at Advanced Bio Treatment are not only skilled professionals—they also understand how difficult the situation is for our clients and do all they can to work with great care and compassion.

What training do your technicians have?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask the companies you’re speaking with because technicians are the front-line employees who are responsible for returning your property to a thoroughly clean, safe condition. Technicians should have extensive training in every area of death cleanup, including how to safely clean and dispose of biohazardous materials; how to recognize areas of the room or scene where biohazards may not be readily seen; how to use hospital-grade cleaners and know which ones are most effective at any given scene; and how to operate the special equipment needed to remove all traces of blood and bodily fluids. Technicians should also have the knowledge to properly clean up any materials left behind by law enforcement, such as tear gas, pepper spray, and fingerprint powder, any of which may add to the health risks of the scene. Ask potential companies about certifications as well, such as whether they are Crime Scene Cleanup Decontaminated Certified.

In addition to training and experience, a death cleanup company’s team members should also provide excellent customer service. They should clearly explain the entire process, help you understand just what to expect, and be glad to answer any questions you may have along the way.

The employees of a blood cleanup or death scene cleanup company must also have been selected for their personal commitment to providing excellent customer service and ability to work with people who are experiencing great trauma.

Can you help me with documentation and insurance claims?

Ask potential service providers what they know about assisting clients with insurance claims and what type of report will be made that may be needed later by insurance adjusters. At Advanced Bio Treatment, we ask our clients to have their insurance policies at hand so that we can assist them in determining if death cleanup services may be covered, as well as help with filing a proper homeowner’s insurance claim.

What are your business hours?

The need for death scene cleanup services is never expected and can arise at any time. In addition, when blood or other potentially hazardous materials are present, cleanup should begin immediately. You should be able to reach the company at any time of day or night and have technicians dispatched as soon as possible.

Because we understand how urgent your situation may be, Advanced Bio Treatment has live operators ready to take your call 24/7/365—you will never reach a recording or be asked to leave a voicemail. Our operator will speak with you about your needs and immediately begin working to have a team of professional technicians respond.

Why professional biohazard cleanup is so important.

The potential health dangers of a death scene cannot be overstated. Bodily fluids, waste, and tissue may carry a wide range of biohazards that pose a particular threat to children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems. Professionally trained blood cleanup and biohazard cleanup technicians know that there is much more to a death scene that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

In the case of an unattended death, the stakes may be even higher. The longer a death goes undiscovered, the greater the risk that a large area is contaminated. Not only do many pathogens remain viable for long periods of time, but as a body decomposes, bloodborne and airborne pathogens can make their way into surrounding flooring (include subfloors), furniture, drapes, walls and more. All of these materials should be closely inspected by professionals and, if contaminated, must be removed and disposed of in accordance with OSHA and EPA standards to ensure the scene is thoroughly safe.

After death cleanup services for businesses.

Business owners and managers have an additional set of concerns when a death occurs at their businesses. Not only will the company’s operations be disrupted, but its reputation may also be damaged. A traumatic event, crime or workplace accident all must be dealt with as soon as possible, and the scene must be quickly returned to a safe condition for employees, visitors, vendors and others who may be present.

If you need commercial or industrial cleanup services, Advanced Bio Treatment’s staff will respond quickly. We are prepared to relieve you of the cleanup task and offer a full range of services, including blood cleanup, biohazard elimination, odor removal and more. Our team of technicians understands the urgency of the situation and will work in accordance with your company’s requirements for safety, security, and confidentiality.

Advanced Bio Treatment is here when you need us, day or night.

Your choice of a death cleanup service must be made quickly but carefully. Don’t leave this important task to just anyone: Make sure the company you choose has expert death scene, crime scene, and unattended death technicians who have the training, knowledge, and experience needed to thoroughly decontaminate your home, business or other property. Also, verify that the cleanup company has technicians who are EPA- and OSHA-certified and who understand the state and local regulations as well.

Also look for references and reviews before you make your final choice. You can read what Advanced Bio Treatment’s clients have to say about us on our client testimonials page.

A traumatic event such as a death doesn’t happen on a schedule and can occur at any time. For the health and safety of everyone at your home or business, cleaning up the scene can’t wait. If you need our death cleanup services, call 800-295-1684 right now to speak to a live operator.