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Prevent Health Hazards With Proper Biohazard Waste Disposal

What Are Biological Hazards? Biological Hazards are organic matter like blood and other bodily fluids as well as airborne pathogens which pose a health hazard. In the aftermath of any trauma, whether it is an accident, violent crime or the discovery of an unattended death, biohazards are left behind that require the attention of the trained professionals at Advanced Bio Treatment.

ABT provides services for physician’s offices, dental offices, hospitals, surgery centers, assisted living facilities and many more. Let ABT be your partner in ensuring that your medical waste is properly disposed. If you are in the medical field and need assistance in disposal of medical waste, ABT can help and does not require contracts and no hidden fees. Contact us for more information.

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Biohazardous waste cleanup services by ABT
Leave the cleanup of biohazards to ABT

Why Use a Professional Biohazard Cleanup Service?

To ensure proper decontamination of the scene, an experienced clean up service should be employed. This will eliminate the home or business owners’ liability risk. Human feces, urine, and blood cleanup pose a significant risk to human health. Advanced Bio Treatment is well trained in EPA and OSHA regulations for biohazard cleaning.

A professional decontamination cleanup team is needed to ensure complete restoration in compliance with OSHA regulations. Unprotected exposure to decomposition aftermath and blood borne pathogens can result in everything from hepatitis, hantavirus and tuberculosis to birth defects, serious respiratory ailments, liver damage, and even kidney failure.

Biohazard Disposal & Medical Waste Management

Blood Cleanup

Because of the invisible and deadly pathogens often present in blood and bodily fluids, cleaning up these elements almost always involves more than meets the untrained eye. We have the expertise and the equipment to do the job quickly, safely, and professionally.


Hoarding sites are almost always filled with biohazards that you may not recognize as lethal or may not even see. Our trained professionals safely contain and remove all biohazardous waste and professionally decontaminate the site to make it safe and clean again.


We understand the urgent needs of business owners who experience a work-site accident or trauma. We respond to emergencies, and we work every day of the year, 24 hours a day, to minimize interruption and downtime of your business and to maximize restoring your business as quickly and efficiently as possible to a safe, clean environment.

Don’t try to cleanup biohazards yourself.

Leave it up to our professional staff to protect your family or business.