The main reason is airborne bio hazards can enter the respiratory tract and sinuses through the eyes, nose, and throat and may either remain dormant, or become active in a short time such as with anthrax and tuberculosis.

Cleaning after a death requires special EPA and OSHA approved handling and disposal methods and the knowledge that comes from training and experience in death scene cleanup. Advanced Bio Treatment employs highly trained technicians that can effectively handle cleaning after death according to EPA and OSHA regulations. Untrained individuals should never attempt cleaning after death. For your safety and that of your loved ones or future occupants, you need help from a professional cleaning team who have been trained for after death cleanup. Whether it is a crime scene, sudden traumatic death, unattended death clean up, or suicide death, there are body fluids and biological tissues which create biohazards that are dangerous to clean up. Blood, urine, feces, and decomposition at a death scene carry the risk of infectious disease.

Advanced Bio Treatment employs professionals trained in death cleanup services, who will provide considerate and competent cleanup and decontamination services – even in the worst possible circumstances. We always provide an estimate before we start work, so that you are aware of the expense before you commit to the work being done and we work with your insurance company to file a property or homeowners insurance claim.

Contact Advanced Bio Treatment 800-295-1684 or e-mail us at info@advancedbio-treatment.com today to receive your estimate and ensure the scene is cleaned thoroughly and effectively, but with as little impact to your pocketbook as possible. We work with the Partners In Crime Scene Cleanup Program to help Crime Scene Victims and Trauma Survivors.

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