Crime Scene and Fingerprint Dust Cleanup

Having a crime occur at your home or business is very stressful. To make matters worse, investigators will cover the crime scene with fingerprint dust as part of their crime scene investigation. Fingerprint dust cleanup is a difficult process and, more importantly, needs to be cleaned up immediately to prevent the fingerprint dust from spreading around the premises.

Advanced Bio-Treatment is a professional crime scene cleanup company with the training and experience to efficiently provide fingerprint dust cleanup services and return your home or place of business to its original condition. We are IICRC, HAZWOPER, and API Worksafe certified as well as being OSHA compliant, HAZCOM, and blood borne pathogens.

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ABT can cleanup fingerprint dust after a burgulary

Let Us Cleanup the Dust

Crime scene cleanup work is difficult, dangerous, and can be emotionally overwhelming. Advanced Bio-Treatment is here to help. Our trained cleanup technicians are ready to handle all aspects of crime scene cleanup including fingerprint dust cleanup.

The cost of fingerprint dust cleanup varies according to the extent of the cleanup work but is usually covered by most insurance policies. We always provide an estimate prior to starting work and Advanced Bio-Treatment can help answer your payment questions and will assist you with filing the insurance claim for crime scene or fingerprint cleanup work.

Let ABT cleanup after a burgulary

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