Advanced Bio Treatment understands that any time a friend or loved one dies, the loss can be a difficult and emotional time. Advanced Bio-Treatment is an unattended death company you can rely on for quality service and understanding.

It’s not uncommon for several days, a few weeks, even months to pass before an unattended death is discovered. During that time, remains begin to decompose, releasing tissue, bodily fluids and blood that seep into carpets and sub-flooring making cleaning and removal difficult. These substances can carry pathogens that cause serious infection and diseases while emitting death odors that permeate nearby structures, furnishings and personal effects. Any Unattended Death scene must be cleaned by an experienced Unattended Death Company with the training to remove pathogens and other biohazards from the scene. The safety of any future inhabitants and, in some cases, the structure of the home, relies on competent cleaning.

certified by IICRC

We have the equipment, specialized hospital grade disinfectant cleaners, and advanced training in order to properly handle the scene of an unattended death. Advanced Bio Treatment is an unattended death company of highly trained technicians that can effectively handle the death cleanup according to EPA and OSHA regulations. We have trained unattended death cleanup professionals who provide considerate and competent clean up and decontamination services – even in the worst possible circumstances.

We always treat our clients with respect and compassion and we pride ourselves on great communication, always providing an estimate prior to beginning work to ensure there are no surprises. We also work with your insurance company to file a Homeowners insurance claim, which often covers the cost of our work, relieving you of unneeded additional stress in a difficult time.

Contact Advanced Bio Treatment 800-295-1684 or e-mail us at info@advancedbio-treatment.com today to receive your estimate and ensure the Unattended Death scene cleanup is done thoroughly and effectively. We work with the Partners In Crime Scene Cleanup Program to help Crime Scene Victims and Trauma Survivors.

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