Hoarding Cleanup & Biohazardous Waste Removal

In a hoarding environment, personal belongings become mixed with garbage and waste until living areas are unsanitary. Rooms become unusable as garbage and debris piles up on tables, counter top, and floors. In the case of animal hoarding, animals may roam about contributing feces and increasing the chance of biohazardous conditions.

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ABT hoarding cleanup services

ABT’s Professional Team Can Eliminate Biohazards

Compulsive hoarding involves animal feces, human feces, waste removal and decomposition and is impossible to estimate how many biohazards could be involved. Advanced Bio-Treatment is certified by multiple agencies to provide professional sanitation.

Our professional cleanup team can eliminate biohazards and restore kitchens, bathrooms, apartments, or even entire homes back to their original clean state.

ABT can restore your house back to normal after a hoarding situation

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