Suicide Cleanup Services

Of all the questions that you have to deal with, one of them should not be what to do about the cleaning of the scene of a suicide. We are a caring and compassionate suicide scene cleanup services company that has been serving families and business across the country since 2003.

The scene of a suicide will not only be visually and emotionally disturbing but it also has inherent dangers that most people do not think about. There are many fluids and biohazards that you can not see with the naked eye.

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ABT is your compassionate suicide cleanup crew

The Compassionate & Professional Suicide Cleanup Company

Since we realize how important it is for you to have this time to spend with your loved ones as you process these events and grieve, we strive to provide fast, professional and compassionate cleaning services, relieving you from having to face the scene and giving you the time you need with family and friends, or even to yourself.

When the worst happens and you need a competent and compassionate suicide cleanup company, you can depend on Advanced Bio-Treatment to be there with professional, well-trained and caring teams.

Advanced Bio-Treatment is experienced in dealing with suicide cleanup and understands you’re calling on us in the wake of a terrible event. More importantly, we will always treat you and your family in a way that demonstrates we understand the pain and the difficulty that results from suicide.

From the moment you place a call to our knowledgeable staff, we walk you through the whole process with compassion and respect, from getting a quote to helping you file an insurance claim.

suicide cleanup services

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From our call center to the crime scene cleaners we have trained individuals standing by.

Suicide is a tragic event both in the loss of life and the devastation of family and community.

As part of any suicide scene cleanup, We will remove and decontaminate the blood, tissue and bodily fluids this trauma leaves behind. Advanced Bio-Treatment strictly adhere to OSHAs regulations and API Work-safe guidelines and only uses EPA registered hospital grade cleansers and disinfectants.

We always perform suicide cleanup services with both your environmental and emotional needs in mind and keep you informed every step of the process.

Advanced Bio-Treatment offers Suicide Support Resources with suicide cleanup guidance and advice. Additionally, we will help answer questions about payment options, clean up procedures from your homeowners policy and anything concerning your recent tragedy.

The Advanced Bio-Treatment Team is here to help you

You will always get an estimate prior to work beginning and we will take you through every faucet of the process, including helping you file an insurance claim with your property or homeowners insurance company.

When it comes to finding a dependable suicide cleanup company, Advanced Bio-Treatment has the experience and training to clean the scene thoroughly and return it to its previous condition, with the caring, local teams that will make the difference for you and your family to help you begin the healing process.

No one should have to suffer through the trauma of a loved one’s suicide alone and Advanced Bio-Treatment is here to help you in any way that we can. At Advanced Bio-Treatment we hope you never need us, but if you do, we are here for you.

We thoroughly remediate and disinfect the scene

Advanced Bio-Treatment carries a full complement of specialized cleaning equipment and hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants to handle all possible crime scene cleanup situations. Our trained professionals have thousands of hours worth of experience to quickly return the area affected as close as possible to its original state.