After a tragedy has occurred, sometimes one of the most difficult aspects to deal with is the cleanup. Unfortunately, even in the aftermath of violent crime or suicide, it is the responsibility of the property owner to have the scene cleaned and decontaminated. If you’re faced with this difficult task, there are many questions you’ll need answers to. Why do I need a cleanup service? How will I keep everyone safe from diseases? Are they trained and certified? Will they show up quickly? How do I pay for this?

Crime Scene Cleanup involves contact with multiple bio-hazards. Transporting this waste is controlled by the state & federal Departments of Health, & both state & federal OSHA & EPA regulations are involved in scene cleanup. Advanced Bio is compliant with all these agencies & is dedicated to keeping your family, friends, employees & customers safe.  Trying to clean a crime scene yourself may cause more issues & problems than you started with.  Advanced Bio Treatment has operators available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond quickly to your emergency & in many cases insurance policies will cover the expense of crime scene cleanup.

Tips Before You Call

Have access to the correct address

When calling a bio-cleaning company, make sure to have the correct home or business address so the crew knows exactly where to show up.

Make sure you are an authorized representative

When calling a bio-cleaning company, make sure to have the correct home or business address so the crew knows exactly where to show up.

Access to the site

The Advanced Bio crew will need access to the site to be cleaned, so if you are not available to meet, we will work with you to gain access.

Try to have as much knowledge of the situation as possible

When speaking to our team, try to include as many details as possible, so our cleaning crew can be prepared to face the task at hand. Many people call to ask questions and it helps us give you the info you need if you have details about the incident.

Worry Free Process

Many people want to know if their insurance will cover this type of situation. Having your insurance policy in hand will help us in assisting you to find out. Our trained professionals will help guide you through every step, from first contact to payment.

We here at Advanced Bio Treatment know that dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy can be almost as devastating as the tragedy itself. If you need crime scene clean-up guidance, have questions about your payment options, which crime scene clean up procedures your current insurance policy covers or require our cleanup services immediately, don’t hesitate to give Advanced Bio Treatment a call at: 800-295-1684 or e-mail us at info@advancedbio-treatment.com.