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Most Houston foreclosed properties are in fair-to-good condition, but some homeowners who couldn’t afford to meet their monthly mortgage obligations also may not have had the resources for maintenance or upkeep on their homes. In our experience as foreclosure cleanup service providers, we’ve often cleaned homes where the owners left quickly without taking all of their belongings or cleaning up, and some where owners even caused intentional damage. A home that has sat empty for a long period of time will not only begin to deteriorate; it may have been vandalized as well.

The foreclosure cleanup teams at Advanced Bio Treatment have worked with investors, banks, real estate companies, and private property buyers. Regardless of the condition of a foreclosed home, we have the training and experience to clean out, decontaminate, and return properties to a habitable state.

Our Houston residential foreclosure cleanout services.

Some foreclosed homes can have damage that worsens over time. Our technicians have cleaned properties where a minor roof leak became major damage, leaving the home with a serious mold and mildew problem. We’ve also dealt with excessive, sometimes dangerous filth, such as walls and floors smeared with excrement. We have even been called on to clean foreclosed homes where a death or crime scene has occurred.

In short, the cleanup professionals at Advanced Bio Treatment provide comprehensive cleanup services and can safely handle the most difficult environments and challenging circumstances. These include:

Hoarding cleanup: Some compulsive hoarders are forced to vacate their homes quickly, leaving sometimes unimaginable trash, filth and waste behind. In the worst cases, the hoarder may have even died in his or her home and gone undiscovered for a period of time. Hoarding environments are often unsafe, both from a health and a structural standpoint. Our professional hoarding cleanup teams have the training, experience, products and methods to eliminate the hoard and return the property to a safe condition.

Crime scene cleanup: A wide range of events and circumstances can result in the need for crime scene cleanup. When a foreclosed home was the scene of a crime, there may be blood, bodily fluids, fingerprint dust, tear gas residue, and biohazards present. If you have a foreclosed home where a homicide or other violent event occurred, our Houston crime scene cleaning team will clean and disinfect the property and eliminate all contamination.

Death cleanup: When someone has died in a foreclosed home, having skilled cleanup technicians come in to manage the scene is critical. In the case of an unattended death, the situation is even more serious, since bodily fluids and blood will often continue to spread in the days following the death, contaminating more and more materials and underlying structures. Advanced Bio Treatment’s death cleanup teams use only the most effective protocols to return death scenes to a state that’s clean and safe for re-occupancy, and we follow all OSHA and EPA regulations and guidelines

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We have live operators ready to take your call any time of day, every day of the year. If you are responsible for having a foreclosed home cleaned, our professional foreclosure cleanup teams are ready to take the task off of your hands. Please contact us online or call us at 800-296-1684 for a free, no-obligation estimate.

More Than Just Crime Scenes!

Advanced Bio Treatment handles a lot more than just crime, blood, suicides and accidental deaths.


We also handle foreclosure cleanups. We don’t usually have these as much as crime scene cleanups but we do have to deal with them quite often. In this particular case a bank called us in Florida in regards to a foreclosed home left in uninhabitable living conditions. Her exact words were that the home was “sickening”.


Unfortunately homes are foreclosed on more than you would imagine and banks have to take over the home.

Most of the time the families are pushed out of the home quickly and leave belongings. They are usually frantic about having to leave on such short notice and the fact that they might not have anywhere to go they leave the house is disgusting shape.

This was exactly what was going on from what the bank was explaining to us. The home was inspected once the family had left and the home itself was in horrible, filthy and in unlivable conditions. A home being foreclosed on is a stressful time not just for the family being evicted but for the bank, realtors and property managers. They are the ones who have the responsibility in ensuring the home is in habitable conditions and that the home is sold quickly.

We made sure to arrive to the home the next day and we knew that the home was in bad shape but we had no idea it was going to be as disgusting as it was. Once we walked in the first thing that we noticed was the awful urine smell. The previous owners did not take care of the home at all and we assumed it was because they stopped caring once the foreclosure process began.

Not only did the entire home smell of urine but the carpets were so heavily stained that they needed to be completely removed and disposed of. The home itself was a three bedroom home and all three bedrooms had random pieces of furniture that were either broken or missing pieces. All of the furniture in the home was removed and disposed of as well.

The kitchen was the worst of the entire home. It had feces, urine and dirt stained on the tile floor. It was hard to even distinguish where the tile began and where it ended. It was repulsive and took us hours to sanitize and deodorize the kitchen alone. ABT understands that foreclosed homes are basically a mystery and we don’t know what we might find.

ABT is a highly professional and experienced company who is here to take some of the frustration away during such a difficult time. ABT works closely with funeral homes, insurance companies and first responders. We have all the necessary connections to complete a job quickly and effectively. Trust us for your next cleanup. Call us today!

24/7 Emergency Clean Up Services



When you are contacting us that means you have experienced something tragic in either your home, office, or some property you may own. Here at Advanced Bio Treatment, we know how crucial it is to get in there and get the job done. We are available 24/7 and work 365 days of the year. We are here for all your bio hazard, suicide, crime scene, and death clean ups. We partner with first responders, insurance companies, funeral directors and more. We will do it all.



Any airborne pathogen, bodily fluids or blood that may cause a health risk is considered a biohazard environment and needs a professional clean up. Whether it was a result from an accident or a crime, the aftermath from any trauma needs to be professional attended to and we here at Advanced Bio Treatment understand and will get the job done quickly and efficiently.



3,000 people daily commit suicide. We are a very compassionate and understanding company who will come in a clean up the aftermath of such a tragic loss. We have been serving families since 2003.



After any type of crime, we are here to clean up the mess left behind. If you have not been professionally trained to clean up crime scenes, it is very important you do not try to attempt it. We have been serving and cleaning since 2003 and we have all the knowledge and experience to get the place back to its original state.



Whether it was a crime or unattended death we are here to take care of business. We are trained and ready to disinfect, decontaminate, and deodorize the home back to its original state.


We here at Advanced Bio Treatment offer services in a wide range of areas:

Alabama, Georgia, Florida, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C and Pennsylvania.

We offer free estimates and you can request a quote online by visiting our website.



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