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Hoarders often compulsively buy, acquire, or save items of little or no value. In a hoarding environment, personal belongings are often mixed with garbage and waste creating unsanitary living conditions. Garbage and debris may pile up on tables, countertops, and spread to the floors making rooms unusable and unsafe.

When animals are present and allowed to roam freely, animal feces and urine may be found throughout the mess. This increases the chance of biohazardous conditions in the home.

At Advanced Bio Treatment (ABT), we’re certified and experienced at removing all biohazards and sanitizing hoarding environments in homes or apartments. Our methods comply with state and federal regulations regarding the safe removal of biohazardous waste and the proper sanitation of hoarding sites.

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Biohazards found in the homes of hoarders often include human feces, animal feces, decomposition, and waste removal. In many cases, it’s impossible to estimate just how many biohazards are present.

Don’t try to handle hoarding cleanup on your own. Cleaning the home of a hoarder can be unsafe for yourself and others.

The professional cleanup technicians at Advanced Bio Treatment are trained to safely remove and dispose of biohazards in Houston. We restore living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, apartments, and even entire homes back to their original clean state. ABT is certified by multiple agencies to provide professional sanitation services for hoarding situations.

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Need help digging out of a hoarding situation in a home or apartment? We can help. Our technicians will help relieve you of the difficult task of cleaning, sanitizing, and disposing of waste safely and efficiently.

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