What is Unattended Death?

What is Unattended Death? When someone dies and his or her passing is undiscovered for a period of time, which may be days or even years, the death is referred to as an unattended death. An unattended death is very often a traumatic experience for those who discover the death and those who learn that […]

Unattended Death Cleanup

Unattended Death Our experienced cleanup experts are here to help. Get your free quote Professional. Compassionate. At Your Service. No matter what time of day or night, the Advanced Bio Treatment team is available to take care of your needs. When you’ve experienced a traumatic event, our death cleanup experts will make your home or […]

High Risk of Unattended Death: Summer Safety Tips to Prevent Hyperthermia

The blazing weather of summer brings special dangers to everyone who enjoys the outdoors, specifically the elderly, who run a risk of unattended death. However, high temperatures during heatwaves can even cause problems indoors when people fail to take the proper precautions. The elderly are especially at risk for hyperthermia in hot weather, because their […]

Unattended Death in Wilmington, Delaware

Mysterious Terrible Odor Our highly trained technicians at Advanced Bio Treatment see a lot of interesting things in the field and often become an interwoven piece of the recovery story for the families and businesses involved.  It’s just the nature of the industry, and it’s exactly why compassion and discretion are so essential.  Discovering the […]

Unattended Death Scene Cleanup in Burke, Virginia

Unattended Death Our technicians at Advanced Bio Treatment are highly trained in the field of crime scene cleanup, unattended death, and trauma cleanup, but we find that we learn something new every day and it’s often information that is life-saving.  We’re eager to share our stories with you along with the invaluable lessons we pick […]