Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) is a non-profit corporation that relies solely on community support, donors, volunteers, and corporate partnerships in order to function. RMHC is most widely known for the Ronald McDonald House.

Found in more than 63 countries around the world, RMHC has 356 Ronald McDonald Houses and 305,000 volunteers and staff members. RMHC also provides other services to the families of sick children, such as Ronald McDonald Family Rooms in hospitals, Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles, grants to other non-profit organizations that focus on the needs of children, and scholarships to young students. Each year, RMHC serves close to 6 million sick children and their families. In 2014, RMHC helped 5.7 million families.

Here is why ABT is a proud corporate donor for the Ronald McDonald House. Seriously ill children cannot always be treated at a medical facility near their homes. Very often, they must travel to a medical facility dozens or even hundreds and thousands of miles away from their homes to get the life-saving care they need. Many parents must make the heartbreaking decision to be separated from their critically ill child because they simply cannot afford to stay in hotels near their child’s medical facility for extended periods of time. Nothing is more frightening to a child than to be really sick and not have mom or dad nearby. Nothing is more stressful to parents than to be separated from their sick child.

By providing homes-away-from-homes for families of seriously ill children, Ronald McDonald Houses make this nightmare go away. The Ronald McDonald House understands how critical to the healing process the support and proximity of loved ones is and how important it is that parents are close to a sick child’s medical team. Families can stay free of charge or, at some houses, for a very small donation of $25 per day. However, the RMHC global policy is that no family is ever turned away. For families who cannot pay, the fee is waived. All families, therefore, are kept close to a sick child’s hospital and medical team and can devote their time and energy to helping their child heal.

Ronald McDonald Houses provide more than just a place to stay. They also provide home-cooked meals, private bedrooms, and playrooms for children. Some houses also provide special suites for children with compromised immune systems, accredited education programs, recreational activities, support services, and help for sisters and brothers of critically ill children.

ABT got involved with the Ronald McDonald House when we received a call from a location about an accident that occurred on the premises. The accident involved a great deal of blood and bodily fluids, which volunteers at the house cleaned and disinfected themselves. But the health risks to the volunteers who performed the cleanup following this accident raised questions and concerns for RMHC, who called us to ask for advice regarding how biohazardous risks like this should best be handled in the future.

ABT told the caller that a company specializing in the cleanup of biohazardous materials should always professionally clean and disinfect any area in which blood and other bodily fluids are present. We fully explained the serious health risks of blood-borne pathogens and other bodily fluids, not only to the volunteers cleaning the area but also to anyone entering the area afterwards if the area was not properly cleaned. This phone call gave us a wonderful opportunity to give back to our community by volunteering all of services completely free of charge to any Ronald McDonald House in our service area.

ABT feels honored and proud to partner with an organization
like the Ronald McDonald House.

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