After law enforcement has done their work, few people know where to turn for help when a crime has left them with a disturbing mess to clean up at their home or business. But there are professionals, such as the crime scene cleaners at Advanced Bio-Treatment in Houston, who are ready with the skills, experience, products, and equipment needed to return the scene to a clean condition that’s safe for occupants.

Crime scene cleaners do highly specialized work that requires training to ensure complete decontamination and sanitization of all affected areas. Our technicians understand the health risks that may be present at a crime scene, such as airborne and bloodborne pathogens, and know how to identify areas that need decontamination that may not show visible signs of problems.

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Our Houston Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Our professional crime scene cleaners arrive prepared to thoroughly deodorize, decontaminate, and sanitize all affected items and areas. We take care of all forensic cleaning, removing fingerprint dust, tear gas, or any other contaminants that may be left behind at a crime scene in Houston. We provide a full range of crime scene cleanup services in Texas to meet our clients’ needs, including:

Blood Cleanup

bodily fluid cleanup

To restore your home or business to a clean, safe state, blood cleanup must be performed by trained, experienced technicians, because airborne and bloodborne pathogens have the tendency to attach themselves to walls, furniture, and other items in your home or business.

We do the job safely, with discretion and respect for your property, and use only professional-grade disinfectants, cleaners, and equipment. This process can take a few hours. It can even take days. So, it’s important that you bring in professionals that specialize in blood cleanup services —and to do so as quickly as possible after the incident. The longer it takes to begin, the more opportunity exists for blood and bodily fluids to spread, and the longer it will take to remove them.

Biohazard Cleanup

biohazard cleanup

Dangerous pathogens in blood and bodily tissues, including Hepatitis B and C, the MRSA virus, tuberculosis, and HIV, can be left behind at the scene unless a skilled team handles the cleaning. In other words, infectious diseases that can spread from person to person during their lifetimes also have the potential of spreading via any body fluids left behind after the death of an infected person. Using the Hep B (HBV) virus as an example, this virus can survive outside the body, which means that you or your loved ones can catch the disease if you come in contact with the virus, even weeks later. Even small traces of biohazardous materials can have serious health implications and make your property unsafe, with unprotected exposure to decomposition also having the potential to spread serious respiratory ailments, and/or cause birth defects, kidney failure, and liver damage.

Our technicians follow all OSHA and EPA regulations to ensure complete biohazard cleanup, including decontamination and sanitization. This process helps to thoroughly eliminate risk in your home or on your business premises. The Advanced Bio-Treatment team also disposes of all elements present, with our biohazard cleaning services ensuring maximum decontamination and sanitization in your home or workplace. We place biohazardous materials in a device that kills all viruses and bacteria through air removal and increases in temperature.

Unattended Death Cleanup


Under certain circumstances, a death can go unnoticed for a significant amount of time, ranging from days to weeks. As just two examples, a crime could be committed when your business is closed for the weekend, or at your home while you’re away on vacation. No matter the reason why the death was not quickly discovered, though, the results are the same. The process of decomposition begins immediately after death and, the more time that passes, the more health risks can increase. Plus, the unattended death can create significant stains and odors.

Because of the risks that contamination can pose, it’s recommended that you choose a qualified unattended death cleanup team that has the proper equipment, cleaning products, processes, and experience to ensure appropriate deodorization and disinfection in order to restore the area to its previous condition.

Death Scene Cleanup

Residential infectious disease cleanup

If the crime scene at your home or property involved death, there may be hazards present that are associated with decomposition—and these hazards can be quite extensive. Left undisturbed, decomposing biological material can affect the health and safety of those in the home. We are experts in death cleanup with decomposition odor removal, fully cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting all surfaces, including walls, floors, furniture, and more. Plus if structural elements are affected, we follow state and federal regulations as we dispose of them.

If the death occurs in your home, it can be very upsetting, so our team is committed to responding promptly with compassion. If the death occurs in the workplace, it can significantly affect your ability to operate. We respond quickly to mitigate risk to your employees, as well as visitors and customers. To help, our death scene cleanup services can be scheduled any time, day or night, to help minimize business interruption.

More About Crime Scene Cleanup

After law enforcement has completed its investigation of the incident, there are four key steps that need taken to make the area safe for occupation again. If not handled appropriately, the crime scene area can pose dangers to you and your loved ones, even beyond the immediate area where the crime took place. Therefore, even adjacent areas need to be addressed.

Step One: Assess the scene for potential biohazards and other contaminants and toxins. The specifics of how this should be done will vary by the specifics of the crime and how the investigation proceeded.

Step Two: Protect! This means that anyone on the scene should wear protective gear, the type that professionals use.

Step Three: Remove anything from the scene that has the potential for contamination or that could otherwise pose a danger to you. This includes, but is not limited to, bodily fluids and tissues.

Step Four: Dispose of waste according to federal regulations and EPA guidelines.

Going Above and Beyond What’s Visible

Crime scenes typically have visible stains, but cleaning a crime scene is a much deeper process, one where we clean contaminants that have the potential of spreading diseases to you and your loved ones. This is why it makes good sense to engage a professional crime scene cleaner with the experienced needed to get the job done right, one with appropriate equipment and cleaning products to remove bloodborne and airborne pathogens that could otherwise continue to pose ongoing threats.

Your Family’s Well-Being is Crucial

When a crime occurs in your home, numerous hazards can exist that might compromise your family’s health. If a death occurred as part of the crime, the situation can become even more hazardous. Plus, there is the issue of emotional trauma that can happen—and, the reality is that, if you try to take on the cleaning tasks yourselves, emotional trauma can increase. Using a professional cleaner, though, can help to reduce stress.

Our Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Techniques

At Advanced Bio-Treatment, our team understands the methods used by law enforcement when a crime occurs. This can include the use of tear gas to overpower people committing the crime, with tear gas canisters leaving behind plenty of toxic materials. Law enforcement may use fingerprint power, with its dust having the potential to pose considerable health risks. So, it’s important to choose a crime scene cleanup company that both understands law enforcement methodologies and the professional removal of biohazards.

There are numerous technicalities involved in cleaning a crime scene, which is why the personnel at Advanced Bio-Treatment go through such extensive training. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the entire process and can provide whatever assistance is needed as you go through this difficult time, from expertly handling the biohazardous threats to managing the process with sensitivity, discretion, and compassion.

We are qualified to assess the crime scene, and then safely remove hazards to dispose of them properly to guarantee the maximum amount of safety for you and your family. In fact, we collaborate with law enforcement agencies before we even start, to help ensure that the entire process is handled correctly. If a company does not get formal approval before beginning the cleanup, evidence can be damaged, which can hamper the crime investigation.

Crime Scene Cleanup FAQs

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Advanced Bio-Treatment has operated for more than a decade, now in 16 states. The company was founded by Jerry Turner, whose experience as a police officer and insurance agent allows us to have tremendous insights into how to handle crime scenes and compassionately help trauma survivors. Our main area of work is to thoroughly address scenes where biohazards are present, along with other elements that need specific expertise. We provide our services with the highest levels of discretion and professionalism.

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