Facing cleanup after a death in the home or place of business—particularly an unattended death— can be emotionally challenging, and few people know how to deal with the situation. In addition to how to go about the cleanup itself, one common question we hear is whether homeowners insurance covers death cleanup costs. To help, here’s information about insurance and after-death cleaning services.

First, whenever an unattended death occurs, an investigation must take place to try to determine what happened. Law enforcement or other investigators are not responsible for cleanup, leaving this challenging burden to friends and family. It’s a task that’s difficult emotionally, and one that can potentially involve dangerous biohazard cleanup of blood and other bodily fluids.

Next, the answer to the question about homeowners insurance is “sometimes.” So, step one would be to contact your insurance adjuster to find out about your coverage for after death cleaning services. This call isn’t easy to make, but it’s your adjuster’s job to provide you with this information.

This person isn’t the same as your insurance agent who sold you the policy and answers general insurance questions. It’s the responsibility of the insurance adjuster to delve into the specifics of what is and isn’t covered by your policy.

Coverage may vary based upon the specifics of the death, so specifically communicate what happened. A policy may cover cleanup costs after traumatic events such as murder or suicide. Another policy might cover that, along with cleanup after a serious accident, while a third might not cover these costs at all.

If your insurance policy does cover death clean up services, your insurance company can’t choose which cleaning company you use. It needs to provide the coverage you’re paying for in your policy, and you pick the best company for your situation.

What Else to Consider

Organizations exist that can help pay for cleaning costs, such as the National Association of Crime Victim Compensation Boards; you can find more specifics by finding your state programs. Also note that, if a crime occured, such as homicide, the court system may ultimately award the family funds for cleanup, but that won’t happen quickly.

All Companies That Clean Up After a Death Are Not Equal

It’s important to choose a company that specializes in biohazardous cleaning, not one that does this only as a sideline. Plus, you need a company that sympathizes with the situation you’re going through, that you feel comfortable with, and that will help you file your claim with your insurance adjuster. No cleaning company can guarantee what your specific insurance policy covers, but you’ll want a cleaning company that assists with the paperwork during this traumatic time in life.

Advanced Bio Treatment Death Cleanup Services

We recognize how, any time a friend or loved one dies, this can be a difficult, emotional time. If the death was unattended, the situation can become even more traumatic. To ease the challenges, even if only a little, we show up fast and on time, then work quickly and thoroughly with the utmost compassion for friends and loved ones.

We are also glad to work with your homeowner’s or property insurance company to ensure your claim is properly filed. To get started, contact our live operators, 24/7, at 800-295-1684.


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