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After law enforcement has done its work, few people know where to turn for help when a crime has left them with a disturbing mess to clean up at their home or business. But there are professionals, such as the crime scene cleaners at Advanced Bio-Treatment in Atlanta, who are ready with the skills, experience, products, and equipment needed to return the scene to a clean condition that’s safe for occupants.

Your family’s health is important. If there’s been a trauma in your home, there’s more at stake than removing visible evidence of the event. Health dangers can persist, leaving you and your family exposed to the unseen dangers of infectious disease. To protect your family, you’ll need to ensure that all stages of a proper cleanup are carried out.

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The Stages of Crime Scene Cleanup

In the wake of a crime scene, the area can become a source of danger to you and your family. The risks extends beyond just the immediate spot—the entire area will need to be inspected and thoroughly decontaminated. These are the high-level steps that must be taken before your property can be deemed safe to reenter:

  1. Assess. The scene needs to be assessed for likely biohazards, toxins, and bloodborne contaminants. This will depend on the nature of the crime, how the crime was carried out, and techniques used by law enforcement during their handling of the scene.
  2. Protect. Our technicians, as well as anyone else who may need to enter the property, must have the proper protective gear.
  3. Remove. The dangers must be removed. This includes not just bodily fluids but also hazards left behind by tear gas, fingerprint dust, and more.
  4. Dispose. And finally, all waste must be safely disposed of according to federal regulations and EPA guidelines.

Advanced Bio-Treatment teams undergo an extensive onboarding routine to become fully trained in all aspects of crime scene cleanup. From our initial contact with you, through every stage of the cleanup process, team members understand what you’re going through and know how to help. We have both the technical expertise to remove threats from your home, as well as the professional sensitivity to help you deal with the effects of a traumatic event in your home or business.

Crime Scene Cleanup: Going Beyond What’s Visible

Crime scene cleanup is about much more than cleaning up and removing stains. It’s about reducing your risk of exposure to deadly diseases that can linger, even after the visible stains have been removed. This is why it’s so important to work with professional crime scene cleaners, who go far beyond simply cleaning up the mess you can see. Cleaning services may be able to remove stains and odors, but that represents only a fraction of the danger that persists. Some airborne and bloodborne biohazards can linger for weeks and, in some cases, months, and continue to pose a threat.

Protecting Your Family’s Well-Being

The health hazards of a crime scene can be terrifying but don’t forget the emotional stress of having suffered a crime in your home. Whether there was a fatality involved or not, the distress of knowing a crime took place in the most sacred of places — your home — can be difficult to handle. If someone has died as a result of the incident, the emotional toll can be even greater.

It’s not recommended that you or your family members take on the task of cleanup yourselves. It’s not only unpleasant; it can add to the emotional trauma that you and your family are already experiencing. And if a death has occurred or an act of violence has been committed, cleaning up the scene can trigger deep emotional pain and stress. The experienced crime scene cleanup technicians at Advanced Bio-Treatment will relieve you and your family of this burden.

Our Atlanta crime scene cleanup services.

Our professional crime scene cleaners arrive prepared to thoroughly deodorize, decontaminate, and sanitize all affected items and areas. We take care of all forensic cleaning, removing fingerprint dust, tear gas, or any other contaminants that may be left behind at a crime scene. We provide services for a full range of our clients’ needs, including:

Blood Cleanup

The cleanup of a scene where blood has been left behind can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Only after blood cleanup professional have come in to assess the scene will you know how long before it’s safe to enter the area again. The longer blood and other bodily fluids are allowed to remain untreated at the scene, the more time there will be for contaminants to spread throughout your home or business. Both airborne and bloodborne pathogens can spread to flooring, walls, furniture and other materials over time.

Biohazard Cleanup

Most people know that infectious disease can be spread by contact or proximity to a person who has the disease or who carries the disease. But what most people don’t think about is that disease can live in bodily fluids left behind even when that person is no longer present. In many cases, that is the case with a crime scene where someone has been injured or died.

In many instances, biohazards contain pathogens that cause serious and chronic diseases, such as Hepatitis B. The virus that causes Hep B (HBV) can survive outside the body for a week and still cause infection.

A professional team that’s trained in the technical aspects of biohazard cleanup can eliminate the risk to your family after a crime has been committed in your home or place of business. Avoid Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, and MRSA (a life-threatening staph infection) by calling on biohazard cleanup services from a team of certified professionals who know how to safely manage the cleaning and disposal. Advanced Bio-Treatment’s technicians follow OSHA and EPA guidelines and comply with all state and federal regulations concerning biohazard cleanup sites to ensure decontamination and sanitization of all affected areas of your home.

Death Scene Cleanup

Not every crime scene involves a death, but if it does, there may be an even more extensive range of biohazards present in your home. Our comprehensive death scene cleaning services include removing the odors of decomposition, and deodorizing and disinfecting all of the surfaces that may have been affected. If any structural elements of your home or business have also been affected, we will dispose of those materials in accordance with the state and federal regulations that govern the handling of biohazards.

For business owners or managers who have had a death or crime on their properties, we understand how urgent the need is to mitigate risks to employees, visitors, and customers. Our technicians are available around the clock every day of the year to clean up the scene at your business and minimize interruption to your company’s operations.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Sometimes a death can go undiscovered for days or even weeks. You may be on vacation when the crime is committed, or your business may be closed for the weekend and the crime isn’t discovered until Monday morning.

When there’s a death involved in such crimes, the health risks increase significantly because of decomposition. When a death occurs and it’s not discovered right away because nobody is around, it’s called an unattended death. Biohazard teams, first responders, and law enforcement all know to be especially careful around these types of crime scenes because of the increased risk of contamination. The longer it’s left untreated, decomposing biological material becomes increasingly hazardous to anyone who comes near the scene.

And it’s not just health hazards you’ll have to worry about. The process of an unattended death cleanup involves techniques to remove decomposition odors and stains as well. A fully trained team with the proper equipment and materials can ensure deodorization and disinfection of the entire area.

Crime Scene Processing Cleanup

Our professional technicians aren’t just trained in the removal of biohazards after a crime has been committed: They’re also knowledgeable in the methodologies used by law enforcement during and after the event of a crime. They know that sometimes, toxic tear gas is used. Tear gas canisters, when deployed, can leave behind surprisingly large amounts of toxic materials. You don’t want that in your home. Nor do you want fingerprint dust left behind. This and other materials used by law enforcement can present a health risk and must be removed before the area is safe to enter again.

Advanced Bio-Treatment teams know how to assess the scene, protect you and your family, remove these hazards, and dispose of them so that they are no longer a threat.

The teams also know how to coordinate with law enforcement and other investigative agencies to make sure the scene is handled properly at all times. We know every homeowner or business owner is anxious to begin the cleanup process as soon as possible, but teams must be given the official go-ahead before they can begin. Otherwise, there’s risk of altering the scene and hampering law enforcement efforts to investigate the crime.


A: Once the investigation of the crime scene is finalized, the scene is usually left in a contaminated state. There are often remains such as such as blood and other bodily fluids left behind at the scene, so it is critical that only skilled technicians oversee the cleanup. These hazardous conditions need to be handled in a specific way to ensure proper cleaning. Before the process begins, the crime scene investigation team must provide authorization to proceed with the cleanup. Biohazardous materials are usually handled and properly disposed of by an experienced biohazard remediation team, then cleaned thoroughly to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

A: While we take into consideration that each crime scene is unique, the cost of cleanup can vary based on many different factors. Please contact ABT to discuss your specific needs, and we’ll gladly discuss the best ways to help your unique situation. We are conveniently available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

A: This will depend on each situation, but there are multiple ways to pay for crime scene cleanup. The burden of crime scene cleanup costs falls onto the property owner. There are some insurance policies which cover cleanup fees once the deductible is paid. In instances where insurance companies do not cover crime scene cleanup costs, there are special programs available to help minimize costs. Crime victim initiatives and certain government programs can help alleviate this burden. These programs are specific to helping victims of criminal activity. Qualification for compensation will vary by state.

A: Crime scene cleanup is usually covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. Each situation does vary, and the amount depends on how much and the type of coverage that is included in your policy. It is recommended that you reach out to your insurance adjuster to find out the details of your specific policy and coverage. We will also work directly with your insurance company and will assist with filing a claim. Here at ABT, and we are eager to help our customers in any way we can.

A: Becoming a crime scene technician does require distinct characteristics. First, you should be able to tolerate different bodily fluids. Blood is a common bodily fluid that is left behind at violent crime scenes. Prospective crime scene technicians will be taught how to properly remove these types of fluids, so it is important to be comfortable in this type of environment.

Care, compassion, and flexibility are other important traits we look for in a crime scene technician. Crime scenes are dynamic and ever changing, so it is important to be ready to take on the challenge. Understand the people that hire cleanup companies have usually been a victim or witness of the crime and are left feeling overwhelmed and are often in a state of shock when our cleanup technicians arrive. It’s important for our technicians to show kindness and concern for their situation while providing thorough and quick cleanup services.

A: Once an investigation team completes their walk through of the crime scene, it is often left with the residue of fingerprint powder. The powder can cover various surfaces, and it is commonly used by investigators when checking for prints a criminal may have left behind. To remove and properly clean fingerprint dust, it is a good idea to solicit a trained and certified company. Fingerprint powder spreads over surfaces instantly and is made from a black graphite powder. This makes it tough for the average person to remove. Trained technicians remove the powder by utilizing special chemicals and procedures. This gets the job done quickly and thoroughly.

A: There are many responsibilities required of crime scene cleanup company employees. Though there are not any specific national certifications, each company has their own mandatory certifications for their employees to complete to ensure proper training. These requirements can also include following certain guidelines and displaying best practices in the workplace.

In addition to certification and training, each company performs background checks and drug testing to further ensure compliance. People entrust these companies to send technicians into their homes or businesses, so it is vital that they are thoroughly screened and evaluated.

It is also important that the crime scene company carries proper insurance, this ensures that the crime scene cleanup team that will be coming onto property is properly insured. Here at ABT, we also carry Pollution Liability as additional protection.

A: There are many industries that are officially regulated, but crime scene cleaning is not. This does not mean that there are not restrictions and guidelines put into place. There are a few safety requirements that must be followed, and the industry is closely watched by various government entities. These agencies include the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Department of Transportation and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

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