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Once law enforcement has finished their investigation, many people need help when a crime and/or death has resulted in a rather disturbing cleanup situation at their residence or business. The crime scene cleanup professionals at Advanced Bio-Treatment in Baltimore are ready to take care of it. No family should have to clean up after a loved one has been a crime victim or has passed away. Advanced Bio-Treatment of Baltimore has the knowledge and experience required to ensure that your home or business is once again safe for your family or employees.

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Crime Scene Cleaning Process

Traumatic incidents leave behind more than just the visible signs of the event. They also leave behind infectious agents that can put your family or your employees at risk. Our professionals have the equipment necessary to thoroughly decontaminate and inspect the property to ensure that it is again safe for occupation. This is a four-step process that incorporates the following:

The area will be assessed for any toxins, bloodborne pathogens and other biohazards. The assessment will take into account the nature of the death and/or crime, its manner of occurrence and the techniques that law enforcement use to perform their investigation.

We utilize the proper personal protective equipment (or PPE) for entering the area and we require anyone else who may require entry into the area to use it as well.

All hazardous materials are removed, including anything contaminated by bodily fluids or investigative substances.

All waste materials are disposed of in accordance with state and federal laws and EPA guidelines.

Every member of an Advanced Bio-Treatment team participates in extensive training to ensure that they are completely ready for duty. We handle your situation with professional sensitivity so that you can be assured that we understand what you need and have the technical expertise to eliminate the hazards present.

Safeguarding Your Family’s and Employees’ Well-Being

The resulting scene of a death and / or crime can be extremely upsetting on many levels. Dealing with the stress involved can be very difficult, especially when a death is involved. Families and employees should not have to undergo the emotional pain and grief of cleaning the area involved. The technicians at Advanced Bio-Treatment in Baltimore will deal with the cleanup so that your family or your employees are not subjected to this additional distress. We understand the emotional hardship of crime and death, conducting our processes from start to finish with the professional sensitivity necessary to ensure that the stresses felt by your family or employees is minimized as much as possible.

Biohazard Cleanup: More Than the Obvious

Cleaning up stains and odors is only part of the process. Less obvious is the removal of any lingering biohazards, which is why it is crucial to work with professional technicians. Normal cleaning services do not possess the equipment or the expertise necessary for removing the biohazards which in some cases can remain at the scene for weeks or even months.

Our Baltimore crime scene cleanup services.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Unfortunately, there are times when a death is not discovered for several days or even weeks. Vacations, weekend business closings and people who are alone mean that the death may not be found until someone returns from vacation, a business reopens on Monday morning, or a strong scent of decomposition alerts someone to the death. Deaths such as these which happen when no one else is around are called unattended deaths. These types of death carry an increased risk of contamination due to the decomposition, making the scene increasingly hazardous to law enforcement, first responders, investigators and cleanup teams. The risk increases the longer that the biological materials have been decomposing.

In addition to the health risks, the odor and any stains associated with the decomposition will also have to be removed. Our fully-trained unattended death cleanup teams utilize the proper materials and equipment necessary to fully disinfect and deodorize the entire scene and render it safe for your family or employees.

Blood Cleanup

Removing the presence of blood takes anywhere from hours to days. After our professionals have done their initial assessment, you will know the time needed before re-entry once the blood cleanup and decontamination process has been completed. The longer that biohazards have been on-scene, the longer that these contaminants have been spreading throughout the area. These pathogens can spread to other objects and materials during the time that they are present, even if the area appears not to have blood on it.

Death Scene Cleanup

Death scenes may present a greater range of biohazards, especially if the death is unattended and / or the result of a violent crime. We have a comprehensive cleanup service for death scenes in order to disinfect and deodorize everything that has been affected, including any structural elements which may have been affected, in accordance with all federal and state regulations for the handling of biohazards. We fully understand just how urgent it is to mitigate these risks to your home or business so as to minimize any interruptions to your family’s routines or your company’s operations.

Biohazard Cleanup

Even if a body has been removed from a scene, the risk of infectious disease remains, even if a person had no contact with the body. Diseases live in the bodily fluids that are left at the scene well after the injured person or the body has been removed, whether it be from a crime or from someone who died of natural causes.

These diseases are caused by pathogens that are capable of causing the various types of hepatitis (Hepatitis A, B and C) as well as cause other very serious infections, such as HIV and MRSA. MRSA is a type of life-threatening staph infection. The Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is still viable for a week, even outside the body, and can still be infectious. Therefore, it is dangerous for loved ones, employees and regular cleaning services to be possibly exposed to any of these pathogens.

Our professional service is trained to handle the infectious biohazard cleanup and will eliminate any of these serious risks to your family’s or your employees’ health and well-being. There is no need to expose them to critical health risks when our certified professional teams can safely manage the removal and disposal of these biohazards. The technicians at Advanced Bio-Treatment of Baltimore clean up the biohazards in accordance with OSHA and EPA guidelines and all federal and state regulations in regards to biohazard sites, ensuring that the sites are free of contaminants and sanitized for your safety and / or the safety of your employees.

Crime Scene Processing Cleanup

The teams of professionals at Advanced Bio-Treatment are also fully trained in the removal and disposal of the materials used in the processing of a crime scene, from cleaning up fingerprint dust to removing the toxic chemicals left behind by the use of tear gas. These and other materials used to process a crime scene can pose a health risk to your family or employees and they must be disposed of in order to render the site safe again.

Advanced Bio-Treatment of Baltimore will assess the scene and coordinate with law enforcement and other crime investigators to ensure proper handling of that scene. All crime scenes must be released by law enforcement before any cleanup can begin in order to eliminate the possibility of disturbing the crime scene. We understand that homeowners and corporate personnel are anxious to get everything cleaned up as quickly as possible, but official permission must be obtained before the scene can be cleaned up so as not to interfere with the investigation of the crime.


Bloodborne pathogens are disease-causing microorganisms that live in human blood and other bodily fluids (mucus, blood, spinal fluid, etc.).

Any bodily fluid can be considered as a disease transmitter. This includes fluids that are normally secreted from a person’s body, like urine, to fluids not usually secreted from the body, such as spinal fluid or the vitreous humor of the eyes. At a crime or death scene, there is a risk of contamination from any and all bodily fluids.

Bloodborne pathogens can transmit over two dozen viruses. Well-known viruses that are present are the ones which cause the various forms of hepatitis (Hepatitis A, B and C), HIV, syphilis, Creutzfeldt-Jakob (mad cow) disease, and viral hemorrhagic fever.

Any crime or death scene carries the risk of pathogens since they are also present in bodily fluids and wastes and other diseases can be contracted from contact with human waste materials. Even if the bodily fluids and / or wastes have dried, there is still a chance of disease transmission.

The Hepatitis B virus can survive outside the body for a week, even if the blood has dried. Infection comes from being in contact with infected bodily fluids. Remember, just because the fluids have dried does not mean that the pathogens that they carry are no longer viable. Therefore, any surface in your home or business can be a potential disease carrier and a simple touch can expose you to many different pathogens.

Normally, the HIV virus does not survive very long outside the body, but there are instances where it can survive for several weeks. At certain temperatures, it can survive in dried blood and if the scene is dark, the risk is greater, as the HIV virus is sensitive to sunlight. For example, live HIV viruses have been recovered from bodies that have been deceased for longer than two weeks.

Not necessarily. It is never safe to assume that the risk of disease is only limited to the scene itself. Pathogens and other microorganisms may be present on surfaces that may appear to be clean, even if they are not in the immediate vicinity of the scene. This is why hospitals have to be diligent with cleaning all of the surfaces and not just the ones that infected people have touched.

There are a number of crucial precautions that you should take to avoid any diseases that can be contracted from a scene that is contaminated. The first thing that you should do is to arrange for you and your family to stay somewhere else for a short period of time until the scene has been professionally cleaned. For a business, it may be necessary to make operational arrangements until the professional cleaning has been completed – such arrangements will depend on the type of business and the nature of the scene. Depending on the situation, you may have to liaison with law enforcement in order to determine whether it is permitted yet for professionals to come in and clean the scene so that your family or your business can once again return to its normal routines.

Professional crime scene cleaners are trained to manage the environmental and health risks associated with these pathogens and will ensure that you, your family and / or your employees are not put at risk for contracting a disease which may be present from any pathogens which may be at a scene.

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