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Once law enforcement professionals have completed their work, many people are confused about how to get the needed help for their home or office. Oftentimes, a crime means a mess that is impossible to sanitize and clean without specific tools. That is why highly trained technicians, such as Advanced Bio-Treatment in Tampa works so closely with the public, offering their crime scene cleaning experience. They offer the skills, products, specialty knowledge, and equipment that is needed to leave your home or business a sanitized and safe environment.

We know that your family and clients are incredibly important to you. If there has been a criminal issue in your house or business, there is a lot more to focus on then just removing any of the visible evidence that may be left behind. There are a variety of health dangers that can leave you and those around you exposed to infectious disease unintentionally.

To protect your family, employees, or customers, it is important that you utilize a team that can do everything they can so that all steps of a proper clean up are completed.

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Our Tampa crime scene cleanup services.

Blood Cleanup Services

Properly cleaning blood out of your property can be finished the same day or several days down the road depending on the circumstances. Only those who are professionally trained to work with crime scenes will be able to tell you how long it will take before it is safe to inhabit the space again. It is also imperative that you contact an expert blood cleanup company quickly as the longer that biohazards remain in a space, the longer that it will take to clean it as the contaminant can infect the rest of your space. Airborne and bloodborne pathogens may start only on a carpet but can eventually spread to walls, wood flooring, and a variety of other materials that you wouldn’t expect.

Biohazard Cleaning

While many individuals are aware that infectious diseases are spreadable through direct contact with an individual, not everyone knows that you can contract contagious biohazards in the bodily fluid that is left behind. That means that any fluids that are left behind from a crime scene can possibly infect you with something contagious. That a variety of different diseases such as hepatitis C, MRSA, and HIV/AIDS.

Our professional team is trained in all specific aspects of biohazard cleanup and can ensure that there are no hazards that could harm individuals in your space after a crime has been committed. By using a biohazard cleanup service with extensive experience you are choosing to safeguard the safety of anyone that enters your space.

Not only does Advanced Bio-Treatment technicians follow EPA and OSHA guidelines and comply with all state and federal regulations, but we also ensure that we go above and beyond so that you can feel comfortable in your space again after a traumatic experience.

Cleaning After a Death

While some crime scenes only involve damage, some include deaths. That means that there are more biohazards in your property that are left behind. Our death cleanup services include the removal of odors as well as seriously disinfecting any areas in your home or business that has been touched by the hazardous material. If any structural elements of your space have been touched by biohazards, we are trained to remove and deal with all of those materials in compliance with state and federal regulations.

For those who are dealing with a death in the property that they work, we know how incredibly urgent it is to decrease risk to employees and visitors. That is why our specialists are on call 24 hours a day, ensuring that you don’t have to close shop for longer than necessary.

Unattended Death Cleanup

Occasionally, a death may be missed for a lengthy period of time. Regardless of the circumstances of how a death went unnoticed, we are capable of responding quickly and efficiently. In these cases, the health risks are significantly increased because of high levels of decomposition which means that unattended deaths need a higher level of care when responding because of the problems that are come with contamination.

An unattended death is left untreated for longer than normal which means the biological material decomposes and becomes hazardous to all individuals who approach the scene. The process of cleaning is extensive and involves a variety of specialized techniques to ensure that all decomposition odors and stains are removed. Our fully trained team brings the proper equipment and materials to make sure that your space is completely cleaned, disinfected, and ready to be entered.

Our Steps for Professional Crime Scene Cleanup

After a crime scene has been wrapped up by police you will be left with a mess. Any crime scene area can be a danger to you and anyone else who might be in the room. And it’s not just one spot. Even if there are only hazardous fluids in one space all of your property will need to be looked at and completely decontaminated.

Here are four crucial steps that will need to be completed before your space can be safe to re-enter:

Assessment – Your space will need to be closely assessed for bloodborne contaminants and biohazards. The length of this step will vary depending on the crime scene itself, how any crimes were committed, as well as the methods that are utilized by law enforcement while they examine the scene.
Protection – Our highly trained technicians and all others who enter the space, will need to be in quality protective gear.
Removal – All contaminants and biohazards will need to be removed, including any hazards that might be lingering such as fingerprint dust and tear gas.
Disposal – The last step includes removing all contaminants according to regulations set down by the federal government.

Our Advanced Bio-Treatment teams complete extensive training in all aspects of clean up of crime scenes. From our initial conversation all the way to the end processing of your clean up, our technicians are prepared to help you with this issue. We have the technical training and expertise to ensure that your family and clients are completely safe from all biohazards of the end of the day.

Clean-Up After a Crime: Invisible Hazards

Cleaning up after a crime is about far more than disinfecting and eliminating any visible hazards. In fact, the entire focus is on reducing your overall exposure to a variety of bio-hazards that can stick around after most of the visible hazards have been removed. Because of the risk of contracting deadly diseases, it is incredibly important to choose professional crime scene cleaners that are trained to work until that they eradicated invisible hazards.

While some cleaning services will be able to get rid of a variety of odors and stains in your home or business, only professionals will be able to remove airborne and bloodborne biohazards that would otherwise stay in your home or business for weeks or months, continuing to be a danger to anyone who enters your property.

Protecting Family and Clients

While the health concerns of dealing with the scene of a crime can be overwhelming, there is also the emotional trauma that comes with it. Whether someone died or not in your property is irrelevant when it comes to your well-being and feelings of safety when you are on your property. It can be even more emotionally draining if a crime has happened in your home instead of an office.

That is why it is not suggested that you, your family, or your staff clean up after a crime. Not only is it hazardous but it creates an emotional toll that can be difficult to shake. Using experienced crime scene clean-up technicians will ensure that you and the ones that you care for are not burdened with more emotional trauma than you already are.

Cleaning After Crime Scene Processing Is Completed

Law enforcement will frequently use a variety of different tools to capture and deal with criminals on your property. That means that sometimes you will be dealing with toxic materials such as tear gas or a large amount of fingerprint dust. All of these materials used by law enforcement creates health hazards for your family and employees and have to be removed before the area can be cleared to enter again.

Advanced Bio-Treatment team are trained to protect you and your family by removing all hazards that can pose a threat. Our teams know how to work directly with law enforcement and a variety of other investigative agencies to ensure that the scene in your space is handled appropriately.

We know that you must be anxious to begin the cleanup process as quickly as you can but we have to wait to be granted access by law enforcement. If we don’t, we will be at risk of altering the time seeing and hampering an investigation.


A blood-borne pathogen is a microorganism that can cause an infection or a disease in your body. They live in blood and a variety of other bodily fluids such as mucus and semen. In fact, all liquid that comes from the human body is considered a way to transmit a disease when it comes to a crime scene. Regardless of what type of fluid it is, it is a danger that will contaminate any space and needs to be dealt with immediately.

There are a variety of different viruses that you can contract through bloodborne pathogens. While the current number rests at a little over two dozen, there may be more that we are not yet aware of. The most common ones that people are the concerned about are viruses such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV/AIDS.

While many people think that the only time they need to worry about bloodborne pathogens is when there is actual blood, that is not the case. If you have had a crime scene occur that involves a person who was hurt or died there is a good chance that there are pathogens that have been left behind. In fact, there might be blood splatter that you haven’t seen because it’s a small amount or somewhere you can’t easily access.

The term bloodborne itself is a little misleading since these sort of pathogens exist in a variety of different body fluids. That means that even if you don’t see blood, it’s still wise to call a crime scene cleanup technician.

While the HIV virus usually cannot survive outside of a host for very long there is a chance that it can survive for longer than you would think. In fact, researchers and scientists have been able to recover a living HIV sample from a human corpse after death had occurred more than two weeks previously. If your environment is dark and a lower temperature, then the HIV virus can live in dried fluids and possibly infect you down the road.

Hepatitis B can continue to live for up to a week in dried pathogens. You can get a Hepatitis B infection if you touch a surface that’s been contaminated with bodily fluid from an infected person, which means that any surface in your state can potentially become a serious problem for any individuals who enter it. Simply touching a counter or a wall that hasn’t been decontaminated can expose you to a serious disease.

While it may seem that avoiding an area that needs to be cleaned will keep you safe, it is not. Frequently biohazard ends up on surfaces nearby even though they can appear completely clean. Pathogens can live in a variety of areas in your home where you wouldn’t even think that they could have reached.

The longer that they live there, the more chance that they will transmit a disease to you or those that you care about. This is one of the main reasons that hospitals are so diligent when it comes to disinfecting all surfaces even if they haven’t been touched by someone who is sick.

There are a variety of precautions that we strongly suggest that you take to keep yourself from contracting a disease from contaminated bodily fluids. First, you should completely remove yourself and all others from the area and arrange to either live or have your business run elsewhere for a period of time. You should then reach out to law enforcement to see when you can have the area cleaned by a professional. These two steps will go a long way towards making sure that you stay healthy.

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